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  1. Thrush ID help. Central Park NYC. sorry for the bad iphone photos. any help would be appreciated!
  2. This image actually seems close although those darker tips on what I saw seemed more mid-winged and longer and straighter, but it was far off and I am sure the eye register things differently
  3. Thats what it seemed like to me. I didn’t know about the white on the rump. The dark under the wing was odd so I thought maybe it was a clue to something. Thanks!
  4. Not sure I have enough information for ID help but here is what I saw. A hawk soaring (circles maybe 4 times) at a distance (but saw with binoculars) out of apartment window and it is a clear but sunny day. Saw mostly from underneath, but seemed light brown/bronze on top and appeared to flash a white patch on lower back or above the tail. Underneath I could only see white overall with darker wing tips and what appeared to be two dark vertical (in line with body) marks in the middle of each wing. I could not see any markings on the tail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I see that now. Thank you. I am glad the bird cooperated and came back for pictures.
  6. On a tree outside of my apartment window with a number of house Sparrow and House Finch, one had very distinct white stripes on the outside edge of the tail. Is Vesper Sparrow the only option? Similar size to other birds but I did not get a good look at any other features. Thanks! And sorry could not take a picture.
  7. The white I saw on the head seemed similar to this red winged blackbird image below. Could this bird have been a juvenile red winged blackbird with any wing colors hiding in the ruffled feathers?
  8. It was a weird one and seemed very nervous to be there.
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