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  1. I hope I am posting this right. I rescued a swallow and its family has moved on. Kind of a long story.. When it was new hatchling, it fell from its nest, about 7 ft, onto the concrete. I picked it up and checked it out, it seem fine so I placed it back in its nest. 2-3 weeks later, all the baby swallows flew away..except the one I rescued. It is unable to fly. So after 3 days of observing, I took it in and started to care for it. I called around to places nd they hinted they would have to put it down, so I decided to keep it. It is literally the sweetest bird. One small problem. It eats!! and oh does it eat. I have fed it maybe 40 worms in a day. At my pet store, they cost around 4 to 5 dollars for 50 of them, so its getting pricey. What else can I feed the little guy?? (btw, i treated it for mites, and bought a small home for it)
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