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  1. Yeah, its legs are very dark, if not black. As far as I'm aware, this makes sense for their non-breeding plumage though. Here's a pic of one in Florida from January which also has black legs: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/81664721
  2. Only ever seen one once, but fortunately it was cooperative for photos!
  3. Was able to add Cattle Egret onto my yard list this evening with an unexpected flyover, because that totally makes sense in December in Tennessee. According to Ebird, it's the state's 3rd December record ever, and the first one away from the Mississippi River. Pretty good yard bird, really! :)
  4. US: Black-capped Chickadee - 19.64% Tennessee: Brown-headed Nuthatch - 1.59% Sumner County: Grasshopper Sparrow - 0.43%
  5. Definitely a Blackburnian for all the reasons you listed. Judging by how dark the facial markings and streaking on the flanks are, I would think it's a male (someone please correct me if I'm wrong though!). I believe their orange does fade noticeably by autumn, so the colour adds up fine.
  6. Looks good for Eastern Wood-Pewee to me with those long wings. :)
  7. Yeah, the streaks were really confusing me on the first one. Definitely not confident about Magnolia, but what we can see of the tail led me to think that. It does appear to have a grey face with an eye ring contrasting with a more yellow-ish underside though - would that make sense for Cape May?
  8. First one makes me think Magnolia Warbler. Lighting is rough, but it looks like there's the diagnostic black tip on the tail. There seems to be an eye ring and yellow on the underside. The streaking is throwing me a bit, but I can't think of anything else that would have that tail. Second one looks like it might be a Black-throated Green, since it has bright wing bars, streaking down the sides, and a yellow spots just before the undertail coverts. It appears to have an olive coloured top side too, judging by what we can see of the head in this pic.
  9. Looks good for an Orange-crowned to me. :) Broken eye ring with an eye stripe sets it apart from a Yellow Warbler.
  10. Agreed, looks like a pretty dull one, so most likely a female.
  11. First one is a Nashville Warbler, based on the grey head, yellow throat and underside, and complete white eye ring. Second bird is a Common Yellowthroat, looks like an immature male based on what looks like a dark mask forming. You can tell by their namesake yellow throat, buffy flanks, and brownish top side.
  12. House Sparrow. :) Looks like an immature/non breeding male with the black patch on its chest.
  13. Finally got to see the Ruddy Turnstone that's been hanging around recently today. It was hanging around near a private marina, but one kind boat owner let us onto the docks and we got a solid look. Great views of a great bird for Tennessee. :)
  14. Looks good for a Spotted Sandpiper to me. :)
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