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  1. Could have been better if lighting conditions were better, but I finally got a pic of a Dickcissel. Feels like a pretty overdue photo-lifer. :) https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/450174711
  2. Merg with merglets :) https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/449268121
  3. Hard to pick just one today, so hope no-one minds two. :) Apparently taking pics of birds with their beaks wide open was my priority today. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/445430011 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/445379091
  4. Actually managed this with no list :) BRDL 104 甽 甽 佞 佞佞佞 佞佞佞
  5. First time ever seeing a Least Bittern, and he was surprisingly cooperative :) Managed to get a couple of decent shots, even though the light was behind him. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/444261381
  6. Lucky first guess BRDL 99 佞佞 佞佞佞
  7. BRDL 97 甽 佞甽 佞佞佞
  8. BRDL 95 佞 佞 佞甽 佞佞 佞佞佞
  9. BRDL 94 甽 甽佞 佞佞佞
  10. Prairie Warbler popped out right in front of me and sang a few times. Even with the small branch in the way, I really like how this came out. :) https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/441050261
  11. BRDL 92 甽 甽 佞 佞佞佞
  12. One of the few good pics of a Tree Swallow I've managed to get :) https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/439757871
  13. That went better than expected BRDL 90 佞佞佞
  14. BRDL 88 佞佞 佞佞佞
  15. Super lucky 3rd guess BRDL 86 甽 甽 佞佞佞
  16. Love to see Yellow-rumped Warbler in his breeding plumage https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/437295851
  17. BRDL 84 甽甽 甽佞 佞佞佞
  18. BRDL 79 甽甽 佞佞佞
  19. BRDL 78 甽 佞佞 佞佞佞
  20. BRDL 77 甽 佞甽甽 佞佞佞
  21. I counted 462, counting by ones. Give or take a couple that might have been overlapping, but I would say that's an accurate count.
  22. BRDL 75 甽 佞甽 佞佞佞
  23. Cardinals don't always show their crest - they can keep it completely down and have a smooth looking head if they're particularly relaxed. They normally show their crest when they're worked up about something. Song Sparrows are not as large as a Robin or a pigeon, but they are fairly chunky compared to many other sparrows. Depending on what angle you're seeing them from though, they can look deceptively large.
  24. Agreed with Northern Cardinal (adding on that it's a female) and Song Sparrow. For the Cardinal, on the first pic, the colours look fine for a female - brown body with reddish wings. The second picture shows off its chunky orange/red beak nicely too. Other than that, all the proportions like body shape/size, wing length, and tail length look fine for Northern Cardinal. For the Song Sparrow, it has the expected rufous streaking on the breast with a dark spot in the middle, and it also has the same coloured striping on its face. Again, proportions look good for Song Sparrow, particularly the beak shape/size, and the long tail. Hope that helps! :)
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