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  1. Seen in Middle Run Valley Natural Area, in the north of Delaware. Standard meadow/forests good for migrating warblers and vireos. Saw this guy in a tree with lots of red-eyed vireos and some other warblers, too, hopping around, gleaning branches. At first I thought it was a vireo of some sort, but with the apparent lack of any eyeline, and the general yellowness of the belly and face... I'm not as sure? Unfortunately the bill is cut off, that would've helped a lot. It's worth noting Tennessee Warblers have been passing through here a lot, and Warbling Vireos have been less commonly reported. Hard to say, though. Also attached is a REVI in the same general lighting, in the same tree, taken with the same settings-- for comparison.
  2. As requested, here's the two unclear photos cropped! I originally was able to zoom quite a bit on the original images, but I suppose when I uploaded them, the resolution wasn't that great.
  3. Yep! I definitely noticed the GBH, haha. I didn't notice at the time though, did a good job blending in.
  4. Alright, so! I'm a bit hesitant to submit these to eBird juuuust yet-- they're all blurry and far-out, and while I've got some good ideas of what I'm seeing, it really comes down to needing someone with more experience. 1. Little Blue Heron, or Snowy Egret? This bird was seen far, far out in the marshes near Delaware's only nesting colony of LBHE. Though there were some birds perched out in the water that were tricky to figure out, this one was more clearly... heron-sized? Heron-shaped? With the legs a big more pea-green. 2. I can't tell if these following two vireos were the same as not. Taken last week during the migration through your average Delaware State Forest (Blackbird SF, Tybout Tract). Color/lighting might've been a bit odd that day; the trees had a lot of activity, so it's possible there were more than one. The first is pretty clearly a red-eye. But the second... I lightened the image and the throat and rump really popped out, even though the nape was still very grey and soft. Philly? 3. Though I figured out most of the migrating warblers I came across-- same place-- this one got me really stuck. It looked like it had a pretty strong eye-ring, looking in close enough. Wilson's Warbler? Canada Warbler? I was leaning to Canada Warbler because it looked like there were dark markings across the neck, but it's hard to say.
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