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  1. Thank you! Unfortunately, Flickr isn't being very cooperative with me, and I can't seem to just drag the file into the box. I would just upload the files themselves, but they are too big. The bird was sighted in Central Michigan. Thanks again!
  2. Hi there! I never thought I'd find myself on a bird identification forum, but here I am. My father-in-law and I spotted a large, white bird-of-prey flying around our property, and after a lengthy search online, the best guess we can come up with is a leucistic red-tailed hawk. We'd like to know what the experts think! Unfortunately, these are the best pictures I could get before it flew away, but hopefully you can get a good enough view! Thanks for the help in advance! P.S. I'm having some trouble getting the image insertion system to work, so I'm just including the links to the images on Flickr. Bird In Flight Bird Perched On Branch
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