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  1. What's making this noise? April, East Bridgewater, MA IMG_5165.mp3
  2. I’m thinking it’s either a Bewick’s or Song Sparrow (I get them confused). iNat is saying Bewick’s.
  3. What made this beautiful song? Recorded in the SFV, March 3, 2020. (There are goldfinches and a YRW in the background). Video.mp3
  4. Thanks! Someone on iNaturalist said the same thing.
  5. I love the pictures! We have house sparrows and mourning doves that come to our feeder too. The sparrows are scrappy little things that can hold their own, even against the larger doves. I also love listening to mockingbirds, especially at night. I know most people can't stand them, but it's like a lullaby to me.
  6. Recorded in Hollywood on October 8th. Video.mp3
  7. Thank you, I submitted it as incidental with the pictures and made a note that it was from a cam 🙂
  8. I’m using a Bushnell Essential E2 and considering that it’s my very first cam, I’m having a lot of fun with it! It’s motion activated, can take videos and stills, and has night vision. It was a birthday gift and I’ve only had it for about a month now, but I would recommend it based on my experience.
  9. I love trying to pick out bird calls in games or movies. There is this one in Breath of the Wild that has been plaguing me for months, but I doubt it's a North American bird.
  10. From a data standpoint, I agree, especially if it's your own camera and it has an accurate date, time, and location. Although, I can also see how from a birding/sporting perspective, using game cam observations wouldn't really be fair. Thank you guys for your help!
  11. Or maybe they wouldn't mind too much if I recorded it as an incidental observation.
  12. Oh I'm in Los Angeles! I forgot to put that in the actual post and not just the tags. Yeah that seems to be the case sadly. I'll just have to see in person if it comes back.
  13. Is this a pin-tailed whydah? I thought it was an immature white-crowned at first, but I think it's too small and strange looking. (Also, can you submit observations from game/trail cams to eBird, or is that not allowed at all, even if it's your cam?)
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