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  1. I'm very hesitant to call this bird anything given the status of Barrow's in Orange. It looks okayish for Barrow's, but I'm not sure I'd call it either way. That bill is pretty small, and that forehead is steep like Barrow's.
  2. I would call all of these Lesser if I saw them.
  3. You were doing the correct thing here, when submitting recordings to the Macaulay library you never want to delete the pauses between the recordings. Longer recordings are always better.
  4. Hope this helps with the ID tips. Gulls are hard! 1. From left to right, Herring (Pink legs, very pale overall, bill half pink half black), Ring-billed (yellow legs, Ring around bill), Lesser Black-backed (dark mantle, pale eye, yellow legs, bright red spot on bill, mirrors on the primaries), Ring-billed (mirrors on the primaries, yellowish legs, bill with ring around it), Herring/Lesser Black-backed (pink legs, darker breast) 2. Lesser Black-backed (Pale eye, dark mantle, all dark bill, pale, contrasty head, primaries extending far beyond tail, checkered pattern on the coverts) 3. Ring-billed (dark eye, pink bill with dark tip, scapulars with definitive cycle feathers on a two year old gull. 4. All Ring-billed (second cycle same as above, yellow bill with ring, large mirrors on the primaries, pale eye) 5. Lesser Black-backed (all dark bill, black and white pattern all over the bird, dark under wing coverts
  5. Self found Winter Wren! First county record! Also got a Golden Eagle! https://ebird.org/checklist/S123078085
  6. So, adding to this strange Winter Wren streak happening in California right now, I found a Winter Wren earlier this afternoon in El Dorado county about 150 feet from the Sacramento county line. By far the best bird I've ever found, my first self-found CBRC review species! This Winter Wren was also a first county record! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/507597401
  7. In my opinion 1. Common, bill is too heavy for PALO, plus the partial collar(Partial collar is probably not the right term, it's where the white contrasts with the brown on the neck). 2. Common 3. Pacific, chinstrap is diagnostic 4. Common
  8. In my opinion 1. Common, not PALO because of no chinstrap, large, thick, pale bill, back pattern, GISS, and the partial collar around the neck. 2. Red-throated 3. Common 4. Loon sp. Probably Common.
  9. I agree with Tropical Kingbird, Western is pretty much nonexistent in California November thru February.
  10. I was in the right species group for several guesses before I got it. birdie 🦃 #186: 🟥🟨🟨🟩⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  11. I'd say this is probably krider's , but I'm not great with these supspecies.
  12. I saw your report of that Williamson's come in on inlandcountybirds. That's a really great find and record for the area!
  13. I agree with the above, this is absolutely a Brewer's.
  14. birdie 🐦 #185: 🟥🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  15. Nothing too special today. The Vesper and Ferrugie were fun birds I don't see much of, however. https://ebird.org/checklist/S122735860
  16. For some reason, I'm really struggling with this duck. I'm pretty sure it's a female Green-winged Teal.
  17. I have an amazing photo of this species! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/396004591
  18. @dragon49 I'm not sure of you've seen this resource, but ebird has a bunch of great tips for recording birds that would probably help increase the quality of your recordings AND make them easier for us to identify! Some of the article probably won't apply, but most of it will. https://ebird.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/48001064298
  19. Good day yesterday! My first time birding Mariposa county! Got yearbird Costa's Hummingbird, plus a Barrow's Goldeneye which is quite rare for the county. https://ebird.org/checklist/S122691869
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