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  1. 1 hour ago, dragon49 said:

    I haven't seen that.

    From this FAQ:


    I was trying to adhere to the philosophy of this passage:

    Make longer recordings

    The most valuable recordings are ones that capture many calls or songs, or capture the variation of calls and songs. If you are in a good situation, it is worth recording for several minutes. However, also consider whether you have the opportunity to get closer or otherwise take action to obtain a better recording. If so, you may wish to end your first recording after a minute or two and try for a better opportunity. The better the quality of the recording, the more worthwhile it is to keep going. And the longer you record, the more likely it is that your subject will do something interesting!

    My thoughts were that had I shortened the dead time between the two calls, this would have incorrectly represented a variation of the Barred Owl call.

    There appears to be something consistent about these calls, as if you listen to both of my recordings, there is something like a 20 second delay between the first and second calls.  Then, there was silence for a while.



    You were doing the correct thing here, when submitting recordings to the Macaulay library you never want to delete the pauses between the recordings. Longer recordings are always better. 

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  2. Hope this helps with the ID tips. Gulls are hard!

    1. From left to right, Herring (Pink legs, very pale overall, bill half pink half black), Ring-billed (yellow legs, Ring around bill), Lesser Black-backed (dark mantle, pale eye, yellow legs, bright red spot on bill, mirrors on the primaries), Ring-billed (mirrors on the primaries, yellowish legs, bill with ring around it), Herring/Lesser Black-backed (pink legs, darker breast)

    2. Lesser Black-backed (Pale eye, dark mantle, all dark bill, pale, contrasty head, primaries extending far beyond tail, checkered pattern on the coverts)

    3. Ring-billed (dark eye, pink bill with dark tip, scapulars with definitive cycle feathers on a two year old gull. 

    4. All Ring-billed (second cycle same as above, yellow bill with ring, large mirrors on the primaries, pale eye)

    5. Lesser Black-backed (all dark bill, black and white pattern all over the bird, dark under wing coverts

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  3. 2 hours ago, IKLland said:

    Day one was a success! I got three lifers, MOBL, LBWO, and a self-found, park first(the park is larger than rhode island) Williamson’s Sapsucker!!!!!!! Park first!!!!!!! See this list for details on the sapsucker. See trip report in the OP for the rest of the checklists. 

    I saw your report of that Williamson's come in on inlandcountybirds. That's a really great find and record for the area! 

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