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  1. Awesome! I'm super, super jealous of the Honeycreeper! I'm glad you saw it, that's definitely not a bird you would want to miss!
  2. Did a LOT of birding yesterday! Started with owling than did the mountains, oak woodland, and waterfowl. So many Pygmy-owls! Long-eared Owl was by far the best bird of the day! https://ebird.org/tripreport/81411
  3. It's hard to put in words, it's just a weird bird. Admittedly, Dunlin isn't a regular bird for me, though I have seen a lot of them.
  4. This is a long shot, and I'm certainly not suggesting this as an ID, but how would you rule out something rare like Curlew Sand from these photos?
  5. No need to apologize, these types of birds are the best learning experiences! I'm still not entirely convinced it's not something weird and not a Dunlin.
  6. I'll retract my previous statement, with these photos I'm leaning towards Dunlin now.
  7. I got the Willow Warbler yesterday!
  8. That's what happens when you visit those desert traps all the time!
  9. Yep, I'm really sure this is a Broad-winged.
  10. Lewis's does sound like a good fit for that description, plus we've been having an insane irruption year for Lewis's here in California's Central Valley, so I wouldn't be at all surprised to encounter one in habitat like that.
  11. Isn't Traill's a better fit for the second bird?
  12. Always a good bird here in the valley!
  13. I'll be at the Willow Warbler at first light tomorrow morning. Hopefully it continues till the morning so I can see it! I've been moaning about how I won't be able to get down to the Wood Warbler since it was found, but this bird certainly makes up for that!
  14. You got it!!! So jealous. I'm trying so hard to figure out how to get down there, but I'm not sure I'll be able to.
  15. I'm pretty sure the first sandpiper is a White-rumped. Long dark bill, dark legs, grayish back, white supercilium, the long slender look to the bird, and finally and most importantly, those wings are extending quite far out beyond the tail. Pretty slam dunk White-rumped Sandpiper IMO.
  16. Good luck! Hope it sticks for you.
  17. Two Red-legged Honeycreepers in both Florida and Louisiana! https://ebird.org/checklist/S120664721 https://ebird.org/checklist/S120621012
  18. Nice bird! I've never had as good of looks at a Goshawk as it seems like you did!
  19. I thought it was Celata, but I've never seen that subspecies before. Thanks for confirming my suspicion.
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