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  1. Thanks everyone. It must have looked more black because it was wet. It was splashing around in a mud puddle lol.
  2. Central Illinois / Taken today I haven't seen a bird that looks like this before
  3. Thanks! This is the first time I've seen or heard a bird like this. Now I know why its relative is called "mockingbird". Good luck on seeing one! 🙂
  4. Central Illinois I was surprised by the amount of different sounds it made. 20210412_102333.mp3
  5. Central Illinois / Taken Today I'm almost sure it's a red tailed hawk because of the pigment in it's tail and it made the screech sound multiple times that they make, but it looks more white than normal. There were two eagles flying around near it, one of them pretty close. Sadly I didn't get good photos and it never came back, but hopefully good enough to identify it.
  6. Thanks! I think that's my first and only photo of a ruby-crowned so far. I got some of a golden-crowned one in November, and I agree. They're tiny and don't like to stay still!
  7. Illinois / October Also does anyone know the type of plant with the berries in the first picture. A lot of birds seemed to like it like white-throated sparrows and cardinals.
  8. Illinois / October Here are a few birds from October. My guesses for 1 and 2 is eastern bluebird and eastern phoebe but wanted to check here cause I'm not sure. The third one I don't know because sadly I got a blurry picture, but something caught an unfortunate squirrel.
  9. Illinois / October I'm thinking maybe immature white-crowned sparrow? Also, I have no clue how to tell the difference between a crow and a raven so I was wondering how you do that and what birds those are.
  10. Illinois / October I'm not sure how to tell the difference between a downy and hairy woodpecker besides bill length.
  11. Illinois / October A lucky close encounter with a hawk above me. I'm thinking red-tailed hawk because of the darker belly, but I wanted to check here since the sunset lighting makes it hard to tell the tail color.
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