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  1. 8/29-30/2022, Illinois I know the last one is a northern flicker, but I was wondering if anyone had any theories of why the top of the head looks black. Maybe cause it's wet cause it rained a half an hour before the picture?
  2. Awesome, thanks. That's my 100th lifer!
  3. Welcome to WhatBird, could it have been a downy woodpecker? Downy Woodpecker Identification, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  4. 8/23/2022 Illinois I'm guessing House Finch and Red Tailed Hawk for 3 of them, but wanted to make sure because of the weird sunset lighting. No clue about the fourth.
  5. Just curious for reference, what are the indicators of differentiating between willow/alder and eastern wood pewee?
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