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  1. Cool, I haven't seen a gadwall before. I believe they're all different individuals. Just curious how do you tell female gadwalls and mallards apart?
  2. Unfortunately that's really the only one I have, the others look the exact same just slightly different lighting.
  3. Illinois, 10/ 8-29 /2022 I'm pretty sure two of them are double-crested cormorant and yellow-rumped warbler. Not sure about the unfortunate window collision or the gull on the left.
  4. Warblers* Each photo is a different individual
  5. Yeah, but I'm pretty sure they aren't really going to help.
  6. I believe it's a great-horned owl. Great Horned Owl Sounds, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  7. Cardinal or house finch was my instinct as well. In the field I thought cardinal cause I've seen many enjoy these berries, and I thought I saw red on the tail, but after reviewing my photos I can't really see the red, but I don't know if that's just because it was so dark. Here is a photo with a better angle of the bill if that helps determine it.
  8. 6/11/2022, Illinois Someone was trying to tell me these were purple, and I'm totally not seeing it, but I thought about it too much, so I had to post them here to make sure.
  9. 8/29-30/2022, Illinois I know the last one is a northern flicker, but I was wondering if anyone had any theories of why the top of the head looks black. Maybe cause it's wet cause it rained a half an hour before the picture?
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