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  1. I think you’re right. Never seen a juvenile Cooper’s before. I have found audio of a young Cooper’s hawk making similar noises. The video is working from my end, I wonder if I’m the only one who can see it.
  2. I’m pretty stuck on this one. There were two raptors sitting on the utility pole, spotted in San Bernardino, CA.It was bright and I sadly didn’t have my binoculars, so I couldn’t see them clearly, or even get decent photos. An angry mockingbird wouldn’t leave them alone. They were dark brown on top and white with dark brown streaks underneath. The undertail coverts, as far as I could see, were white without streaks. The tails looked fairly long. They were making sounds, which can be heard most clearly in the video starting at 0:07. Apologies for poor video and photo quality. A11DC846-29A3-4799-90EE-C69A134DBC70.MOV
  3. Pretty sure it’s a black phoebe, but wanted to check. Spotted in Rialto, Southern California in a built-up residential area. Went to enter it in eBird and apparently it hasn’t been reported here before. The belly was white.
  4. How many baby bluebirds do you see in this photo? The babies have fledged now, but I’m a little stuck. At first, I thought there were three. The baby on the far right is obvious. And I thought the other visible head belonged to a body that was under the far right baby, and the the head of the far left body was underneath the other. But now I see two babies when I look at the photo. The nest contained a clutch of five. Two eggs didn’t hatch, I got rid of them after fledging. And as you can see, there are only two older babies in the second and third photos. So what happened to the other egg/chick? My theory is that the baby hatched, but died, and the parents got rid of it. In any case, I’m not quite sure what to report to NestWatch.
  5. That’s what I thought! Thank you for the confirmation. That’s a lifer for me. 😊
  6. I unfortunately wasn’t able to get a picture of the bird. I spotted it in my yard around 6:00 pm today, in West Michigan. It was tiny, and darted around in the trees very quickly, poking around as if looking for something. Teeny tiny little bill. Grayish/greenish on top. The breast looked white or pale gray, but shadows made it hard to tell. Undertail coverts were also white. It had a small yellow stripe or patch in the middle of its forehead in between two black stripes. There were markings of some kind on the wings, but I couldn’t see them clearly due to the bird’s constant movement. The wings also appeared to have a faint yellow tinge. I have an pretty good guess as to what it was, but I’d like to hear what some people here think. Any ideas help.
  7. American woodcock. Added it to my yard list too!
  8. I’ve been having huge flocks of red-winged blackbirds congregating in the fields behind my property. Also saw a newly arrived song sparrow and cowbird today.
  9. After watching them the past few days, they have to be one of my favorites!
  10. There are some very nice shots on this thread. My best photos of the day...not very good, but I was excited to add common redpolls to my yard list.
  11. Thank you for your help. I have bookmarked it, along with some other sites.
  12. I search for “whatbird forums” in Safari and click on the search result that normally takes me here. It’s like one of those scam pop-ups trying to get you to install an app, or give personal info. It’s not real though. I will try to get screenshot if it happens again.
  13. I hope I am posting this in the right place. When I try to access the forums, many times I am redirected to a page claiming my IPhone has multiple viruses, and the only way to fix it is install an app. I don’t, of course, as it is fake, but it is annoying, and it takes me several tries to get here. It has only happened on this website. I’m not sure if it is a problem with the site or my phone, but I thought I would let you know, just in case.
  14. Thank you! He is back right now, and I can agree that he looks like an immature white-crowned. I can see the stripes on his head more clearly now. I’ve seen the adults here before. He’s a little far north for this time of year, isn’t he?
  15. Hello everyone, I spotted this bird at my feeders in West Michigan today. I think it is a field sparrow, but technically they shouldn’t be here during the winter. It had a pale, unmarked breast, and a light pink/beige-ish beak. It also had a thin white eye ring. I for sure saw an American tree sparrow yesterday, but this bird is slightly different. Sorry for the poor quality photos, I was trying to take a picture through my binoculars!
  16. @Charlie Spencer, Thank you so much! I guess I should start working on recognizing owl calls, lol. Maybe I was lucky to see a great horned owl in broad daylight? The water tip is definitely true! I found a pretty nice wetland/lake near my house where I spotted some sandhill cranes, among other things. Thanks again. 😊
  17. I thought perhaps some people here would appreciate this. I took this photo last year, with a cardinal on one of my feeders, a few deer in the background, and a wild turkey passing through.
  18. Okay, thank you. 😊 That sounds like a good rule to me. So, standing at the back of my property, I’ve seen a great blue heron sitting on a fence way out across a field. That would count? Also, would you, or anyone else, happen to know of any good places to go birding in West Michigan?
  19. New-ish birder here. I hope this is in the right category. If a bird is right next to my property but not on it, does it count for my yard list? What about a bird that flies directly over my property? My yard list at the moment is at 30, but I could add at least one or two more if birds that fly over count.
  20. Okay, that picture has me convinced it's a Tennessee. Warblers are tricky to identify correctly. They just pass through my area during migration, but I hope he sticks around for a little while longer. Very entertaining.
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