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  1. New-ish birder here. I hope this is in the right category. If a bird is right next to my property but not on it, does it count for my yard list? What about a bird that flies directly over my property? My yard list at the moment is at 30, but I could add at least one or two more if birds that fly over count.
  2. Okay, that picture has me convinced it's a Tennessee. Warblers are tricky to identify correctly. They just pass through my area during migration, but I hope he sticks around for a little while longer. Very entertaining.
  3. Oh, that picture does resemble it's face very closely. Just my bird has less white, which I guess is variable.
  4. I'll try tomorrow if it comes back. I want to add it to my small-but-ever-growing life list, but I need to know what it is first! Thanks so much.
  5. There was a very faint dark line through the eye. But it was very, very faint. It doesn't show well in the photo. Next time it comes around I'll take a good look. I don't think it's an orange-crowned, the undertail coverts are not yellow. But the rest of the underside is mostly dingy yellow.
  6. My initial impression was orange-crowned. But the undertail coverts appeared to me to be white, the photo was just shadowed. So I figured it was a Tennessee. Thanks so much. ? Many warblers look very similar to this new birder, but I'm loving my field guide.
  7. Hello all. I’ve been seeing a yellowish warbler at my suet feeder for around 4 days now. I’ve looked in my field guide, but I’m still not quite sure. The pictures are pretty bad, so I’ll give a description too. Background Info: I live in West Michigan. The area has lots of farmland, but loads of trees too. Bird: The warbler overall appears yellow, and in flight I thought it was a goldfinch. It is slightly yellower in the breast, and a touch darker/more olive colored on top, but top and bottom are very similar in color. There is no streaking/markings on the breast, wings, or tail. There is a pale stripe above the eye. It appears to be white under the tail. Picture below. I also have seen a bird similar to the one described above, only with two white bars on the wings. And another with no white bars, but a gray head, and no eye stripe. Any ideas on these? Wasn’t able to take pics. again, sorry for the bad photos.
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