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  1. Thanks, I've reported this on ebird twice now. Since it is a rare sighting for Southern California they apparently review before publicizing. Hope others get to see the bird before it moves on!
  2. The booby is still hanging out on the R10/PV10 navigation buoy, 4 days after I first spotted him. Today I brought a better camera. He was very tolerant of my picture taking while busily preening. Hoping you folks can determine the species from these photos. If not, I'll have to get back out there with an even better camera ? One photo included for entertainment purposes; the young gull was exhibiting begging behavior. The booby completely ignored him. Photos taken today, 9/6, at 33.773N, 118.445W (offshore of Rocky Point, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Southern California).
  3. I didn't see any yellow on the bird's neck. Will go out again with a better camera this weekend, hopefully get some better photos!
  4. Seen today on a navigation buoy off of Palos Verdes California (just south of Los Angeles). Is this a Masked Booby?
  5. Photographed today off the coast of Palos Verdes (Los Angeles County). He was very cooperative, was busily catching small invertebrates in the kelp bed as I photographed him. Thanks for help identifying this bird!
  6. Photographed offshore of Cayucos, California this week. Is this a Pelagic or Double-Crested Cormorant perched atop the buoy? Thank you!
  7. These birds were photographed on Anacapa Island off the coast of Southern California. The NPS website says that Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands host an endemic subspecies of Rufous Crowned Sparrow. But comparing to other references, these look more like Rufous Winged Sparrows - though Anacapa Island appears to be outside that bird's range. Help on identification is appreciated!
  8. These small birds make an appearance in the near-shore kelp beds off Southern California each fall. I photographed these today. Would appreciate any help with identification!
  9. I have the same question! Seeing quite a few of these in the kelp beds off of Los Angeles County. Was just going to post myself.
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