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  1. That is so helpful - I'm trying to learn and it really makes a difference to be pointed to the right things to look at. Thank you!
  2. Seen today, Feb 26; Norwalk, CT; around 3pm, in tree on roadside in fairly busy zone (auto repair shops, etc.) Photos all of same individual. (Light was tough.) I tried to look at size, feet, chest markings, eyes, tail length, and head shape to make an ID. But not at all certain. I thought general size and eyes might support Cooper's ID. But head shape (in profile), and maybe the thick streaks on chest made me think Sharp-shinned. I'm not very experienced with hawks, so trying to learn as I go. Any help appreciated!
  3. Saw a small hawk perched on a wire. Parked a little way off and walked down to see the hawk. Photos just as it flew off. Norwalk, CT, Feb 21, around 4pm, clear conditions, near small frozen pond in residential area with deciduous trees and evergreens. I thought a Cooper's since the markings on the chest seem fine to me - and is the tail rounded like a Cooper's? But not sure. New to Hawk IDs. Appreciate any help.
  4. These responses are helping me learn a lot - and sending me to good sources. Many thanks!
  5. Very new to gulls, and wondering if the all-white gull standing with these other gulls (Herring, I think) could be an Iceland Gull? Stratford, CT, taken Jan 4 on LI Sound. Included cropped shot and also shot of full group, for size. Thanks for any help!
  6. This is all really helpful - including the last article - thanks for posting!
  7. Seen December 30, midday, Stratford, CT (at Stratford Point, on LI Sound.) A Northern Harrier spotted about ten minutes earlier. Tentatively ID'd as immature Red-shouldered Hawk, but wondering if it might be broad-winged? Did not see it well in flight; it flew low, behind branches and landed again a short distance away. Appreciate any advice! Thanks.
  8. Taken in Westport, CT, Dec. 13, 3:44pm, in tree by roadside. Wondered if it might be Red-shouldered Hawk?
  9. Thanks! That's where I landed too, but I'm not yet experienced enough to feel certain. It helps to hear how you made the ID - I wasn't sure about the wings. I really appreciate your help.
  10. Westport, CT, Sherwood Island, on the sound (salt water), around high tide on Saturday, November 21, seen about 11am: a flock of 36 individuals (counted, not estimated) - which at first I thought were all Red-breasted Mergansers. Now I'm wondering if some of the individuals may have been Common Mergansers, in a mixed flock. Observed about 20 minutes altogether. Photos are from shore, at a bit of a distance, and with tricky light. This was my first sighting of Red-breasted Mergansers, so I'm fairly new to birding and have lots to learn. Any help is greatly appreciated! Originally ID's these two as Red-breasted, but possibly Common? I think these 3 are Red-breasted - not as much defined white on chest or under bill. (Lighting makes it tough.) All Red-breasted? Again, lighting is tricky but I don't see any white chins. I'm wondering if the two individuals in the foreground might be Common. Smoother heads, and coloring might be consistent with Common. (Is the breast on the flapping bird a bit dingy above the white belly?) A portion of the large flock, all together.
  11. I've researched them since this post - I had no idea there were such variations. (It was a little disorienting!) Thanks for the help.
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