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  1. All images are of the same individual bird, in Westport, CT, October 1, deciduous and pine forest with meadow and wetlands nearby. In low canopy. Common Yellowthroat? Thanks for any help!
  2. Seen in Westport, CT, October 1, about 9:30am. 2 shots of the same bird in pines. (Also deciduous trees in woods.) Saw pine warblers in same tree. Looking at the eye stripe and thinking it's a vireo. If so what kind? Thanks for any help.
  3. Thanks very much - totally appreciate the help.
  4. Male American Wigeon swimming on pond in Norwalk, CT, Oct 19, late afternoon. I'm trying to ID the other ducks in the photo. I think 2 (in water) are female American Wigeons. Not sure about the duck standing on a mudflat. Any thoughts? In this pond, on this day and the day after, have also seen a Wood Duck (one individual, eclipse); Mallards, Gadwalls, and a male Eurasian Wigeon. Many thanks!
  5. Seen in Norwalk, CT, Oct 20, 3:47pm on small pond with lots of surface vegetation. Among Canada Geese, American Wigeons, and Mallards. I think this is a pair of Gadwalls, but I'm new to birding; hoping for confirmation or a corrected ID. Thanks!
  6. Seen in woods surrounding fresh-water pond in Norwalk, CT. Flew in low, paused on branch , and flew into canopy. Mostly red-tailed hawks in this area, but double checking in case this might be a red-shouldered hawk. Would appreciate any help!
  7. Hawk seen flying over deciduous and pine forest - with meadow and stream - Oct 17, late morning, in Wilton, CT. Thinking Cooper's Hawk but not sure. Red-tailed Hawk and Turkey Vulture also flying overheard nearby. Any help is much appreciated!
  8. I think so too - that was my guess. Glad of confirmation.
  9. Birds seen in trees around Spofford Lake in New Hampshire in August. Would love ID help! Bird 1: (2 photos) August 17. juvenile Northern Parula? Bird 2: August 17, same tree and time as Bird 1. Bird 3: (2 photos) September 6, a pair seen in low branches of tree just back from shoreline in mid-afternoon.
  10. Seen in Chesterfield NH graveyard, Sept. 5, in branches of large pine.
  11. Hoping for help with IDs. Birds seen in a large open graveyard in Chesterfield, NH, August 20, bordered by woods, and for the most part in and among three large pines. I'm making guesses, but I'm new to this and might be entirely wrong! Bird 1: I'm guessing Yellow-rumped Warbler I Bird 2: Pine Warbler? Yellow-rumped? (2 photos) Birds #3: Yellow-rumped??
  12. Here are the photos! Sorry, the urls didn't work - much easier to upload them into reply. Thanks!
  13. I've been finding warblers in Connecticut this past week - mostly Common Yellowthroats, Yellow-rumped Warblers, American Redstarts, and Yellow Warblers. But I'm not sure about the IDS of these 2. Both seen in Wilton, CT, in park by Norwalk River. Thanks for any help! 1. Seen in low branches, just above eye level. There was a female American Redstart in same tree. I'm noticing the white eye-ring - Nashville? 2. Seen in brush at edge of woodlands, a few yards back from river. Among many Yellow-rumped warblers, a red-eyed vireo, and a Common Yellowthroat. Orange-crowned?
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