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  1. I'm thinking Song Sparrow. located Santa Maria, CA.
  2. unsure of what this is. the closest I could find on allaboutbirds is Ruddy Turnstone (Non-breeding). But they aren't supposed to be in the southern California Desert areas.
  3. My brother took this in Santa Maria, Ca. The bill looks too thin and long for a Western but maybe part of its is buried in his chest.
  4. Is this a Coopers or Sharp-shinned Hawk? I'm Guessing Sharp-shinned.
  5. Sorry, Locations is Southern California
  6. I thought maybe this is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but the wing bars threw me off. Any ideas would be appreciated. IMG_0371-Edit
  7. What Type of flycatcher is this? taken in southern California.
  8. My thinking is a Red-breasted Sapsucker, looking for concurrence.
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