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  1. Good point, particularly considering the time of the interaction, which was about 40 minutes before sunset. The mosquitoes found me at least three times, so the bird might have been looking for the mosquitoes that we were likely attracting.
  2. @Colton V, thank you so much for the ID! I appreciate your time and assistance! Yay!
  3. Hi! Sadly, I don’t know much about birds. I tried to determine the bird in the attached picture. I think it’s a flycatcher or maybe a kingbird, but I’m not sure. I’d really like to know the species, though. This bird piqued my curiosity because it WAS NOT AFRAID of my man and me. It hovered near us multiple times and followed us along a paved walking trail for probably a good quarter mile (I think another walker traveling in the opposite direction of us probably caught its attention). My best guess for catching this bird’s attention is that we must have accidentally and unw
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