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  1. As I submitting an ebird list, this bird I suspect, is a yellow warbler came up as "rare" for my area date/location, etc. (Southeastern Massachusetts) I did not list it yet, as I am unsure.
  2. I originally thought this was a willow but my thoughts kept bouncing like a ping-pong ball. 😉 Thanks all for your valuable input.
  3. Please confirm and thanks in advance. Eastern Wood-PeWee? Location: Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge, Middletown, RI
  4. Orchard Oriole, male 1st summer? Southeastern Massachusetts.
  5. Let me try a first ID response. I agree - mallard!
  6. I'm fairly sure this is a Lesser Scaup. (Apologies to Shakespeare, but I never read him either!) I have a couple more photos if needed. Quequechan River Rail Trail, Fall River, MA
  7. Exploring the forum and came across this topic. I do not see many pine siskins and this year there was more then usual. So, here's my submission.
  8. I would not put to much weight on photo ratings on eBird, since it can be manipulated by popularity (I have more friends to rate it then you, regardless of quality of photo). It really is not a photo contest but a record of a documentation of a sighting. A well exposed and detailed photo is always better and eBird does indicate that to document a sighting even a poor photo is better then none. I have uploaded poor photos but still identifiable for eBird purposes only. I call then "eBird photos" lol. I'm not going to win any awards with it but they do record the sighting.
  9. @Seanbirds https://www.usgs.gov/labs/birdb-lab/science/bird-banding-laboratory?qt-science_center_objects=0#qt-science_center_objects and click on Report Band Also the link provided by Avery takes one to the same place.
  10. Reported a banded Canada goose and the initial information provided indicates: Species Canada Goose Age HATCHED IN 2006 OR EARLIER Sex FEMALE Location 31 KM W RIGOLET, NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR, CANADA Goose was observed on the Quequechan River Rail Trail in Fall River, MA Since it was tagged in Canada and found in Massachusetts, a distance of about 1000 miles it was requested to send photos, which I did.
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