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  1. Hi Benjamin Can't thank you enough for your wisdom and attention to detail. I know I learned something here. 🙂 Thanks Gary
  2. Hi Benjamin Got this response from a long-time expert Colorado birder (and beyond) ... thoughts? "Tail extends longer than wings. Straight bill. Thick neck consistent with Selasphorus sp. All adds up to Broad-tailed Hummingbird, which would only be about 30 miles out of range. Costas would have slightly curved bill, thinner primaries and flared gorget. " Thanks Gary
  3. Awesome explanation Benjamin, many thanks! Gary
  4. Hi all, Still ongoing debate on which species this bird might be ... though I like what Benjamin wrote above. "Wings about as long as the tail, bill very straight, short stubby bird, getting no help from the gorget due to the lighting angle, though it lacks any frills or extensions. Makes me want to guess Anna's, though that would be highly unexpected. Looks a little chunky for Black-chinned, though that seems more likely here." "Not the greatest photo, but messing with filters and light adjustments, I think it’s an Archilochus type, and given the apparently pointy rater than clubby shape of the primaries, I’d call it a Ruby-throated rather than Black-chinned. The latter may be more likely these days!" "Black-chinned. I had a bit of an advantage; I have had them nesting in my yard for the last 4 years. They've been spreading all over the front range for at least 5 years now. Lots of breeding too." "Actually, Costa’s might be the best fit shape-wise and tail/wing length fits too. I’m unable to see 'strongly-curved wingtips.'" Thanks Gary
  5. Hi all Seen in Greeley, CO on Sunday. Need assist in identifying this hummer, if possible. Backlit tried to lighten up to pick up features. My first hunch was Calliope because it appeared tiny on the wire. I was not close to it used 50x optical zoom (zoomed all the way) point-and-shoot to obtain photos. Expected hummers here in Colorado: Broad-tailed breed western half of state, seen here migration; Calliope migrate through western half of state primarily; Rufous migrate throughout state-usually fall much more plentiful; Black-chinned breed lower southwest here and west slope-areas. Thanks Gary http://www.friendsofthepawneegrassland.org
  6. Hi all Female Hoodie or Common? This weekend, both species common, hint of the "hood" on the back of the head. Other ID features? Thanks Gary
  7. Hi all Seemed crow-sized I was very close to it. Looked like "blue cap", rounded tail, blocked head. Any ID features I missed? Common in Colorado. Thanks for confirmation. Gary
  8. Hi all Common in Colorado, taken last week. Just want to be sure. Left-to-right, Tree (?), two Bank and one Cliff. Thx Gary
  9. Hi all Four to rear I am calling Least Sandpiper (rust-colored speckling, yellow/green legs, slight decurved bill). Front right is Semipalmated (gray/brown back, straight, stout looking bill, black legs). Thanks Gary
  10. Hi all I'm looking for confirmation of Baltimore Oriole (hybrid, other?) in Colorado this past weekend. Considered rare here. Thanks Gary
  11. Hi all Two photos are same group. Expected in Colorado. Over the weekend. "Think" there is more than one species just not sure at this distance. Thanks Gary
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