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  1. Hi all What guided you to Brewer's Blackbird decision? Thanks Gary
  2. Hi all Had this visitor in Nunn, CO yard during our great snowstorm over the weekend. On initial spot thought Red-winged Blackbird- then saw eye color and missing wing patch. Then I thought hmmm Brewer's Blackbird--though didn't see any "purplish gloss to head" (light?). What else I thought, Rusty Blackbird-did not look like a winterized Rusty--but did look similar to a breeding male in color. Thoughts? ID? Thanks Gary
  3. Hi all Another new (mountain) yard bird for us in Nunn, CO (shortgrass prairie) yesterday. This is 4th new yard bird from our mountain species in less than a month. Would like confirmation a Cassin's Finch (and not Purple). Thanks Gary ID: the red tends to be much brighter than the rest of the head, giving it an almost redpoll appearance; bill, for me, does not look straighter and sharper, more like a siskin; the lower flanks of the Cassin's Finch had fine brown streaks.
  4. Hi all Thanks for replying, hopefully I can obtain better photos on next visit, if still around. Thanks Gary
  5. Hi all Only photo, from a distance, darker-backed one facing us, ID? Lesser Black-backed, California, other? Seen last week at Windsor Reservoir, Weld County, Colorado. Thanks Gary
  6. Hi all Crow Valley Campground, Briggsdale, CO past weekend. Thanks Gary http://www.friendsofthepawneegrassland.org/members/home https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/birds-and-more-of-the-pawnee-national-grassland First one, my hunch with all that chest streaking is immature Chipping Sparrow or Lincoln's? Second bird, empid of some sort if possible to ID Last one ... warbler, hunch is Orange-crowned ...
  7. Hi all We have had plenty come though last few weeks in Nunn, Colorado. Only pics I got of the bird. Thanks Gary
  8. Hi all So, an accipiter has been visiting our yard (Nunn, CO) today and previous two days. I'm wondering if same bird in all three sets of photos? Below is link with photos from all three days (with annotation of Day One, Two and Three). Today's bird looked slightly different ... maybe it was the angle 🙂 Thanks Gary http://www.friendsofthepawneegrassland.org/albums/view/25/my-yard-nunn/sorting/newest
  9. Hi all Bird just dropped into yard (Nunn, CO), caught dinner and now eating. Looks like pale gray iris versus yellow of a immature Sharp-shinned Hawk so ... Cooper's Hawk? Thanks Gary
  10. Hi all Did not call at all. ID? Crow Valley Campground, Briggsdale, CO over last weekend. Lightened photo as much as I could. Expected just unknown 😉 Gary
  11. Here are PDF versions: https://dl.allaboutbirds.org/download_the_warbler_guide_quickfinders Thanks Gary
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