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  1. Hi all Thanks for confirming, I, too, had Northern Shrike as the ID. Thanks Gary
  2. Hi all Here in Colorado (today) we have both species present right now, one leaving winter and one arriving summer grounds. Which one is this below and why? I have my choice, I'd like to confirm it. Thanks Gary, Nunn, CO
  3. After reading Tony's article (thanks) I'm saying probable Hammond's Flycatcher--to me it appeared more green (first reaction in looking at it) than gray at this time of year. Thanks Gary
  4. Hi all Always like to confirm my gull IDs ... 🙂 ... Thanks Gary 1. One (clean head) to right of standing California? 2. Adult Lesser Black-backed Gull? 3. Adult Lesser Black-backed Gull lower left?
  5. Three photos above are same bird ... this one below, same day, different location. ID? Thanks Gary
  6. Hi all Nunn,. Colorado this week. Any educated guesses here? Thanks Gary
  7. Thanks I was leaning that because of leg color. Gary
  8. Hi all Lesser Yellowlegs or Solitary Sandpiper? Thanks Gary
  9. Hi all "Rufous-colored" one? Least Sandpiper, rear is same bird as above
  10. Thanks all, Orchard was original thinking ... Gary
  11. Hi all Yellow, male and singing oriole in Lincoln, Nebraska this past weekend? First year, male "something" ... 🙂 Thanks Gary Lefko, Nunn, CO http://www.friendsofthepawneegrassland.org/
  12. My assumptions: Winter plumage With these hints: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Sanderling/id# Sanderlings are small, plump sandpipers with a stout bill about the same length as the head. Pale gray above, white below, no streaking
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