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  1. Hi all Seen on our Crow Valley Xmas Count this weekend on Pawnee National Grassland. "Common" (mocker) during breeding season. We did have one mocker on this count few years back. Only photos I have. When I initially saw it it looked to have long tail and when perched those drooping wings (seen in binos). I hoped for mocker but each passing day says Northern Shrike.
  2. Kansas rehabber search: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=kansas+wildlife+rehabilitation
  3. Have a local wildlife rehabber organization? Thanks Gary
  4. Come to Colorado plenty of Baird's during migrations ... 🙂 thanks for ID help. Gary
  5. Sanderling do appear here but considered uncommon and/or rare. Thanks Gary
  6. Hi all ID? Crom Lake, Pierce, Weld, Colorado this past 2021 summer. Thanks, Gary
  7. Hi all This past Sunday, Weld County, Colorado, most expected (maybe all once we get some IDs confirmed 😉 Thanks, Gary, Nunn, CO My birding "gut" says Sanderling? This one, Pectoral Sandpiper? This one, Baird's Sandpiper This one Solitary Sandpiper Stilt Sandpiper?
  8. Hi all I was able to snap some photos of birds during our Vermont exploration/house hunting trip last week. IDs? Thanks Gary Summer Tanager? Sparrow of some sort ... ? did not look like Song Sparrow seen in CO Assume this same species? Warbler of some sort?
  9. Hi all Seems to be debate this end on this bird ... seen two weeks ago, both expected, Weld County, CO. Thx Gary
  10. Hi all Some debate locally on this bird, WhatBird opinions? Seen last weekend in Weld County, both species expected. Thanks Gary
  11. Still waiting for @Tony Leukering to weigh in on the Least or Pectoral debate 🙂 Gary
  12. Hi all Below expected here, seen over this weekend in Weld County, CO. Thanks, Gary #1 I wanna say Least Sandpiper ... only photo ... did not have black legs as far as I could tell. #2 Western Sandpiper(?)
  13. Hi all Semipalmated Sandpiper--does not look like wings extend beyond tail and bill seems stout and straight? Or Baird's? Seen this weekend in Weld County, CO-both expected. Thanks Gary
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