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  1. This was also my closest possibility as well although I had a great look at it and I've seen them in the are in the past. I just couldn't get a photo with my phone unfortunately. Thank you for your suggestion!
  2. I am certain it was not a black and white warbler but thank you for the suggestion.
  3. I'm certain it's not a redstart but thank you for the suggestion!
  4. Hello, I was sitting in my tree stand on Saturday, October 3, 2020 in Potter County Pennsylvania (center northern county), West Branch Township. I was about 16' up in the tree. Elevation about 1700 ft. This is an area of mostly PA northern deciduous hardwood forest although I was next to some old plantations of mature conifers (Red Pine and Norway Spruce). There were grass farm fields nearby, about 200 yards away. A pair of small black birds, just a bit smaller than a black capped chickadee were flitting about in the branches nearby. They were almost jet black. Definitely
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