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  1. I've had flocks of 200 fly by occasionally and every time, I don't have my camera
  2. 1 is trying it's best Anas wyvilliana impression
  3. This bird is also found across the tropics, where it coexists with it's 3 lookalikes
  4. White-tailed, you can see the black on the shoulder. White-tailed have grey wings
  5. Ross's would be smaller, assuming that the flock is primarily Snow we would probably notice a Ross's, especially in flight
  6. ok this bird is primarily grey with a medium sized bill, which is rarely found away from water
  7. X means they were there, it can mean 1 or 100,000,000
  8. SF has 45, what did I say about the Farallon's. San Mateo only has 37 RIP
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