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  1. I'm pretty sure I got it down to subspecies but I can't age it or sex it even remotely
  2. My Family will be going to Yosemite During Spring break (Late March-Early April) And I want some tips on how to find these birds 1. Dipper, always Dipper, I will never find one, because I am cursed but still, Dipper. 2. Sooty Grouse, I can't find anything online about when Sootys Boom but I hope it's in early spring 3. Hermit and Orange-crowned Warblers, it's too early for them but I can hope. 4. Sapsuckers that are not holes 5. American Kestrel, these should be at Mono Lake plus they're cute 6. Canyon Wren 7. Wilsons Snipe at Mono 8. Rufous Hummer
  3. 1-2 Black-bellied Plover 3-4 Dowitcher of some kind
  4. Not quite sure what to think of this thread...
  5. You found a smol child who headbutted a spider web
  6. nvm it is rhino @Connor Cochrane
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