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  1. The poky bits at the end of the abdomen
  2. Mor moff (Birdsnest and Epiphyas postvittana)
  3. Bluets are as annoying to id as empids and dandelions expect you need to have good pics of the genitals instead of waiting n hour for the bird to call or revising the entire genus and naming 1,000 new species that all need microscopic pictures of the the seeds and cells.
  4. Well supposedly house sparrows build nests on the corpses of the tree swallows they murdered in their own homes so anything is possible
  5. So revisiting this topic I want to know the best ways to find these birds Mountain Bluebird and Townsends Solitaire - I just can't seem to find these guys I only ever hear them Gambles and Mountain Quail - I just have really really bad luck with quails Lesser and Common Nighthawks + Poorwills - How to counteract camouflage Wilson's Phalarope - I want to see the spinning Swainson's Hawk - Anything other than RTHA pls Any Sapsucker - I missed 4 chasable Sapsuckers and I'm salty as the Salton Sea now Kingbirds - ^ Bells, Grey, Cassins, and Plumbeous Vireos
  6. Guess who got their second shot yesterday
  7. I always found the ebird description of Shining Sunbeam hysterical https://ebird.org/species/shisun1
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