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  1. One of my anger birds. I chased a long staying bird in SF. The day before I chased it, someone had seen it in the afternoon. The day I chased it, nothing 😭. I can’t wait to get my drivers license.
  2. Which temperature looks best? I think I prefer 7000 the best but i also like the vibrance of the blues in the bird in the 5250 k and 6000 k photos. original (5250 k) 6000 k 7000 k
  3. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/617640499 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/617640532
  4. People on the EBird discord are saying it’s a over saturated Myrtle YRWA
  5. I can confirm 3 and 6 are pectorals and I’m pretty sure they all are pectorals. Have no experience with bairds or white rumored though.
  6. Big Morongo was great! I did miss some things that were hanging around though like the Rufous Hummingbirds, Lawrence’s Goldfinches and Lucy’s Warbler. Definitely an amazing spot though.
  7. Big Morongo Canyon, San Bernadino County California. No tail pumping, silent, did not fly. Thinking Hammonds because the wings look pretty long?
  8. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/617177627 Any other sparrow songs mixed in here? only saw brewers and WCSP at this location but might’ve had a few black throated. Anza Borrego SP visitor center San Diego co.
  9. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/617177579 heard near but not exactly where I had the empid I posted about. Borrego Palm Canyon in San Diego county calling from shrubbery at the top of a cliff face. Sounds Phoebe ish but different.
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