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  1. I'd call those dowitchers long-billed as well due to the relatively flat supercilium
  2. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/609456533 Calls at 3 seconds, sounds almost like a brown creeper but the habitat is completly wrong and as far as im concerned have never been sighted in this neighborhood.
  3. Semipalmated or Western Sandpiper, most or all look like Semipalmated to my eyes
  4. I would like to confirm Double-crested Cormorant and American Kestrel, both seen at Powell Butte Nature Park, Oregon 1. 2.
  5. Just a weird yellow rumped house finch that needs vitamins or a weird yellow rumped purple finch that needs vitamins. Powell Butte Nature Park, Oregon
  6. Seen just outside of Portland Oregon, early July. Thinking tree?
  7. Most are Semi/Western with one Pectoral Sandpiper on the left and a Least Sandpiper in the bottom right
  8. In my checklist comments for BHCO i wrote "parent is Black-capped Chickadee, one adult male also hanging around" which means I probably saw the bird begging for food or something. I think Western Tanager might be right, the feet are blueish.
  9. Washougal Washington Those were my ids in the field, I never got good looks at the warblers face though 1 2
  10. 600 complete checklists!! 65 species with audio 100 day checklist streak!!!
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