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  1. I was going off on the red on the crown, I guess looks really are deceiving
  2. @Connor Cochrane Do you know any good spots along the Road to Hana/Coastal Haleakala ?
  3. Pink-sided x Oregon Junco tend to be very under reported
  4. Leucistic-the eyes arent red also the bill is too small for House Sparrow
  5. My feeder is to closes to my wall but birds do visit the spilled seed on the ground From amount of times seen eating Every day GCSP-WCSP Every Other day/more often heard DEJU CATO Once LISP
  6. Day two: Lahaina After we arrived at our hotel and woke up at 3:00 Am we went to the beach to look for Sanderlings (long story short we didn't find any) the first beach we went to was the closest beach to the hotel, there weren't any birds there but I did come up with a new game called capture the rock. after that I went to Lahaina to eat lunch with my family. The place we ate at had a nice koi pond, and birds would come close enough to touch. After lunch we went to the Giant Banyan Tree (the 3rd largest in the world) and saw more Zebra Doves, Spotted Doves, House Sparrow, and a lifer th
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