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  1. White-headed Woodpecker or Red-breasted Nuthatch
  2. This is a Lesser Scaup doing it's best flamingo imitation
  3. not a caption but I think I have that exact feeder pole
  4. For me nyjer is pretty good because the goldfinchs go ham and the 3 pound bag has lasted 6 months. the only thing the goldfinchs ever fight is themselves or the ocational chickadee using the feeder as a perch
  5. Day 3: Heavenly Ski Resort CA. This day was mostly skiing although we did see a bunch of birds at lunch. At lunch I saw a Clark's Nutcracker flying overhead while the Chickadees harassed everyone and practically teased me about the fact I didn't have my camera on me. After lunch we went to do a few runs before going down on a run called Roundabout (big mistake) that was essentially 2 km of cross country skiing. The highlights of the day was a Crossbill flying overhead and California Gulls in the parking lot, and the Nutcracker of course. Day 4: Duckys. This day was mostly just skiing and and hanging out at my hotel. At the hotel there was a small frozen pond and marina area which means... DUCKS! I was hoping to see some Goldeneyes but the only diving ducks were a pair of Buffleheads. Luckily there was a large friendly flock of Mallards which I frolicked with for quite a while making 2 Lake Tahoe jarrariums. Snails Flatworms Copepods and Nematodes and friends! Day 5: Heavenly Ski Resort NV. Pretty much the same as day 3, highlights were a Robin and a Raven walking around the middle of a frozen lake. Day 6: Poke The Gros. This day we were stuck in the CA side due to high winds. Again we only really saw birds during lunch, the highlight was a flock of Pine Grosbeak which I wanted to poke but they were too high.
  6. not sure probably around august july time
  7. This bird is found in half of NA and like sugary drinks
  8. Day 1: Traveling. Nothing really interesting other than Fungus Gnat I found during lunch in Davis. Day 2: Truckee Marsh. I hoped that I would get better pics of Mountain Chickadees and Pygmy Nuthatchs that were so abundant last year, and maybe finding the Crossbills again. Unfortunately I only heard calls of Chickadees and didn't find the Nuthatchs and Crossbills at all. What made up for that was a Red-tailed Hawk soaring over the mountains, and a few county lifers (Lesser Scaup, Red-tailed Hawk, and House Finch which I thought weren't found in the Sierras.) More coming soon when I have time to write...
  9. Update, my family canceled the trip (we haven't booked the hotel yet) as the area has some of the highest rates of covid right now. We will be going to Point Arena and Bodega Bay instead (it was canceled last year and we still have the hotel points thingy)
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