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  1. This bird like to dive, it's dark like the night, however it has parts that are light and bright, it can be quite a sight!
  2. Oh thank you! Hopefully this one will last longer that the Waterthrush
  3. oo I know! Chickadees, they hang out near everyone like the stalkers they are
  4. Hermit Thrush, Idk what hangs out near flickers
  5. Really -_- how did you get it already? Should have gone with the Sanderling...
  6. I know. Ok this next bird is small and normally found near water. I'll add a few more hints if you guys don't get it.
  7. Look a him, doesn't he look a Toasted Marshmallow?
  8. Narcissus Flycatcher Blackburnian Warbler Bullock's Oriole Northern Mockingbird
  9. California Towhee, California Thrasher, Red-whiskered Bulbul, Albert's Towhee, Canyon Towhee,
  10. That Vermilion Flycatcher must have learned from the Black Phoebe about where and where not to perch.
  11. 1 Common 2 Red-throated 3 Common 4 ??? Pacific maybe? 5 Red-throated
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