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  1. Hmmmm my first impression was a robin but that was a month ago and I can't remember anything ?
  2. I think the warbler might be a graces warbler actualy
  3. As far as im aware there is only 1 GWTE in the entire pond rn, although that may have changed as the latest record was 2 weeks ago by me and when I went last week neither it nor the Scaup has been spotted.
  4. Seen on the Taylor Creek Trail Zion NP House or Cassins Finch Audubons Warbler? Bit more yellow than I would think but tail pattern looks right Blurry Black-throated Grey WA pretending to be a Black & White WA
  5. Hooded Merganser (Stow Lake Bird) GWTE and Lesser Scaup at my patch Maybe I'll upload my pics once I get through 4 weeks of backlog
  6. The first large group of Elegant terns in SM Co since around July 24th have been roosting in Pillar-Point Harbor. Early Lesser Scaup, GWTE, and BWTE have been spotted in Nob Hill Pond. Early Common Goldeneye at San Bruno Point 2 Wilson's Phalaropes at Nob Hill Pond Early Yump at Oyster Point And assuming Lake Mead and the Farallon's haven't changed since last season they probably have 15 sp of warbler and like 70 code 3s or something idk the Farallons are just wack.
  7. There are several kinds of Pelagic photos ranging from Albatross to Manx Shearwater
  8. Definitely I definitely saw them a day later through a bus window
  9. It was at 10,000 feet in elevation, I have more pics if needed
  10. Seen in Cedar Breaks National Monument and Brain Head Townsends Solitaire Broad-tailed Hummer Crossboi Da Hecc? ? Western-wood Peweewee? I have audio if empid
  11. Day 3 : This day I just chilled at the Hotel, I did a bit of birding in the morning, where I saw a Rock Wren and baby Quails. At night I found a bunch of toads chilling on the lawn. Day 4 : Grand Canyon At 7 we embarked upon the 3 hour drive to the North Rim. Around 20 minutes away from the park we stopped to fill up on gas at Jacob Lake, while there I saw many Swallows chilling on the trees. While my brother went to the bathroom I explored a big flower patch made up of Hairy Goldenaster, on the flowers were tons of cool leps, the most common of which was the Dun Skipper. In the parking lot by the Visitor Center I saw 3 Grey-headed Juncos. The first trail be went on was Bright Angel Point Trail, along the trail I saw many VGSW dotting the cliffside and flying around the trees, at around halfway to the end of the point I found a singing Spotted Towhee and more swallows. For lunch we ate at the lodge, which had a nice little overlook where I looked for Condors ahem totally saw it don't look at the checklist. After lunch we went to Point Imperial the highest point in the park, after Point Imperial we went to Point Roosevelt where I didn't see any birds, but I did find a Bup a rare variety of beetle. Finally we made it to Cape Royal where we hiked upon the Cape Royal Trail while on the trail I saw a juvenile Spotted Towhee chilling in the bushes, from a rock formation known as the Angles Window I saw several Ravens soaring over the river.
  12. Greater Roadrunner in Mesquite Woodland Black-throated Sparrow in Mesquite Woodland Western Kingbird in Mesquite Woodland Rock Wren on the outskirts of Creosote Saltbush Scrub Idk if I should put my Grand Canyon and Zion stuff in here but the Koppen climate type there is Mediterranean not desert
  13. There was one in santa cruz called arryoro something something and I'm sure there's a bunch in humbolt and del norte
  14. It's cool in northern california ??aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we have at least one full stream with pure water ?
  15. Downy Woodpecker Hairy Woodpecker I dunno this looks like a difference of white to me
  16. Seen in Zion NP I believe that this is a Great Basin Hairy Woodpecker due to the lack of white spots on the flight feathers expected in Interior West Downy, it was found on the trunk of a large mature tree which would be a much more favorable foraging spot for Hairy than Downy.
  17. Mendocino Coast Paintbrush Castilleja mendocinensis - Point Arena
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