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  1. Bridges' Penstemon Penstemon rostriflorus - North Rim Grand Canyon
  2. Idk how to hummingbird Seen in Lytle Ranch Sus Hummingbird
  3. Day 1 : This day was made up with even more driving but this time with Joshua trees!! :)) We stopped at the Calico Ghost Town to see a old western town (and die of heat stroke). While there I saw HOSP HOFI and a Chukar (crossing sign). At around 5:00 we arrived at the Villa we were staying at, I soon learned that the particular building I was staying at had desert tortoises frequent the back, unfortunately I could not find any tortoises which were likely still in their burrows. However I did find several Quail and 6 Cottontails. Day 2 : Lytle Ranch Preserve. This was the first true day of birding. We arrived at around 7:30 (California time) and immediately went down the wrong road. Due to the detour I actually found one of my target species, the Virgin River Spinedace. That actually was a stroke of luck as the main river was completely dry. Near the ranches bathrooms I saw several Myiarchus and and Hummingbird feeding upon willow. In the orchard I heard the calls of Turkeys in the distance and watched Ravens eating fallen fruit. Suddenly a Kingbird burst out of the trees and started attacking one of the Ravens which was really cool to see. After walking by the orchard we reached a field dotted with Cottontails which were very cute but sadly no hawks wanted to look at them as well. We then crossed to the river side where a flock of Verdin became one with their inner Bushtit. I watched the flock for around 5 minutes and was just about to leave when guess who decided to join to party, 2 Lucys Warblers! Then we left because hot. Sadly I did not find my target bird, Bells Vireo which is known to breed in the area.
  4. Looking at recordings sounds much better for western
  5. no calling only opening it's mouth to pant, I did hear one a few hours later but it might not be the same one and I didn't get it on record
  6. Seen in Lytle Ranch Preserve. Bird 1 Bird 2 Bird 3 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/352124841
  7. Nope just day 0 because this is just a small stop Water Nothing I just meant it was way to hot and their were not many birds
  8. Day 0 : The drive, most of this day was made up of driving hoping to finding a Swainsons Hawk (although I wouldn't have been able to get idabel photos anyways) At around 3:30 we made it to our first stop, Bakersfield which was... not the nicest place. After checking in to the inn, we went to The Park at River Walk were I was hoping to see Rose- ringed Parakeet. After searching the trees for parrots I went to check out the delightful Kern "River" . Where river ?????
  9. The poky bits at the end of the abdomen
  10. Mor moff (Birdsnest and Epiphyas postvittana)
  11. Bluets are as annoying to id as empids and dandelions expect you need to have good pics of the genitals instead of waiting n hour for the bird to call or revising the entire genus and naming 1,000 new species that all need microscopic pictures of the the seeds and cells.
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