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  1. I am asking about the bum dum bump call at the end https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/271570551#_ga=2.177512096.461192292.1602563071-1876380779.1590510252
  2. Rivoli's hummingbird or Black-chinned Hummingbird
  3. Don't worry I'll just fly down to Mexico to take a picture of a bird hooray! 🙃
  4. I agree with Sharp-shinned also note thinner legs
  5. Western Bluebird as there have only been around 2 records of Mountain Bluebird in Lake County
  6. I agree that it is not a red, a red has a much more defined facial pattern and streaking on the back, I agree with Connor on insularis Sooty
  7. Just saw my first Townsends Warbler. Was hunting flys outside my kitchen window little boi was trying to give Warbler neck lol 😄
  8. I guess that means I should change it, so new challenge is a bird eating
  9. We can't see the breast fully so there may actually be red, and unless thats a shadow I see a tinge of orange under the wing
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