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  1. how about 2 different species of warbler next to/on a branch
  2. *laughs in California condor California quail Gambel's quail Mountain quail Sooty grouse Dusky grouse White-tailed ptarmigan Prairie falcon Black oystercatcher Black turnstone Surfbird Heermann's gull Spotted owl Flammulated owl Northern pygmy owl Anna's hummingbird Lewis's woodpecker Williamson's sapsucker Red-breasted sapsucker Red-naped sapsucker Nuttall's woodpecker White-headed woodpecker Gray vireo Pinyon jay California scrub jay Santa Cruz Island scrub jay Yellow-billed magpie Northwestern crow Oak titmouse Juniper titmouse Mountain chickadee Chestnut-backed chickadee Pacific wren Wrentit Mountain bluebird Varied thrush Sage thrasher California thrasher Bendire's thrasher Le Conte's thrasher McKay's bunting Green-tailed towhee California towhee Abert's towhee Rufous-winged sparrow Brewer's sparrow Bell's sparrow Sagebrush sparrow Golden-crowned sparrow Tri-colored blackbird Gray-crowned rosy finch Brown-capped rosy finch Black rosy finch Cassin's finch Lawrence's goldfinch Fork-tailed storm-petrel Whooping crane Mountain plover Bristle-thighed curlew Long-billed curlew Aleutian tern Hammond's flycatcher Gray flycatcher Dusky flycatcher Cassin's vireo Virginia's warbler Lucy's warbler Black-throated gray warbler Hermit warbler Townsend's warbler MacGillivray's warbler Western tanager Lazuli bunting Bullock's oriole* Sign in
  3. Well so is Mountain Plover and Lawrence's Goldfinch. Teach me your ways Corey.
  4. Somewhere a doggo still looks for his ball
  5. Ring-billed Gull, American Avocet, Marbled Godwit Black-winged Stilt, Long-billed Dowitcher, Northern Shoveler
  6. Yes https://ebird.org/science/status-and-trends/amered/abundance-map
  7. First one is a Red shouldered hawk second one is a Golden eagle I think
  8. Great job I guess you can chose the next challenge
  9. So I decided to make it easier New challenge is 4 different species of passerine
  10. How about 7 different species of passerine in one photo. Idk if thats too hard though
  11. It was alot harder than I expected as the pintails and mallards prefered to be in one part of the pond while the wigeons and shovelers liked to be in the middle of the pond. of course I could have just taken a picture of the entire pond if I was lazy.
  12. Yes I ran to the pond near my house then ran back home for dinner
  13. From left to right Mallard Green-winged Teal Northern Pintail American Wigeon Northern Shoveler
  14. I once saw saw similar black and white waterfowl https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/257021711#_ga=2.18674236.461192292.1602563071-1876380779.1590510252 and it makes me think it is just a domestic mallard
  15. Huttons Vireo Note blueish legs and feet and lack of a dark patch behind the second wing bar
  16. Ha I have both species photo with both sp https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/267835331#_ga=2.181000866.461192292.1602563071-1876380779.1590510252
  17. Looks like a lesser yellowlegs 3rd one looks more like a greater yellowlegs but that might just be me
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