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  1. Haven't seen any pine siskins yet but I don't have a feeder so thats probably why
  2. https://ebird.org/media/catalog?taxonCode=yerwar&mediaType=p&sort=rating_rank_desc&sex=f&q=Yellow-rumped Warbler&age=a https://ebird.org/media/catalog?taxonCode=yerwar&mediaType=p&sort=rating_rank_desc&sex=f&q=Yellow-rumped Warbler&age=i
  3. Rufous winged sparrows also don't have streaking on the breast, Rufous Crowned have a black mark extending below the bill also. not to mention they would be waaay out of their ranges
  4. Don't think Rufous winged and Rufous crowned live in New Jersey
  5. It looks like a hybrid as the bill is bicolored also note the streaking on the breast and the yellow on the wings
  6. The only thing I'm thinking is that it has a dark bill and thinner body shape
  7. now that I look at the audio yes long billed https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/270393481
  8. 2-3 look like blackpoles 5 looks like a Black-throated green Pine 1 and 4
  9. Last one looks more like a pewee actually
  10. Looks like female blue winged to me https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/259776051#_ga=2.187068904.1954181704.1602344191-1029774496.1575521015
  11. 1-2 are eastern wood peewes 3 is an eastern phoebe 4-5 are Empidonax flycatchers
  12. San Francisco bay area https://ebird.org/checklist/S74717571
  13. And on the 4th picture the head looks like it has a bit of green, while the 3rd picture shows a blueish or grey forewing
  14. and the reddish patch on it's chest. the tail doesn't look very pointed either
  15. I think top is long billed and bottom is short billed but I could be wrong
  16. 3rd one almost looks like a Blue-winged Teal x Mallard other two probably have domestic genes
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