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  1. Well supposedly house sparrows build nests on the corpses of the tree swallows they murdered in their own homes so anything is possible
  2. So revisiting this topic I want to know the best ways to find these birds Mountain Bluebird and Townsends Solitaire - I just can't seem to find these guys I only ever hear them Gambles and Mountain Quail - I just have really really bad luck with quails Lesser and Common Nighthawks + Poorwills - How to counteract camouflage Wilson's Phalarope - I want to see the spinning Swainson's Hawk - Anything other than RTHA pls Any Sapsucker - I missed 4 chasable Sapsuckers and I'm salty as the Salton Sea now Kingbirds - ^ Bells, Grey, Cassins, and Plumbeous Vireos Pinyon Jay Horned Lark Black-tailed and Blue-grey Gnatcatchers - Because I want to see the ? face Little lump called House Wren (+ Rock, Canyon, and Cactus) Any Thrasher Cassins Finch Rufous Crowned Sparrow and Green Tailed Towhee - Annoying skittish sparrows Lucys and Virginia, Warblers - The grey duo Black-throated Grey Warbler - it's not all grey so I cant put it in the grey duo
  3. Guess who got their second shot yesterday
  4. I always found the ebird description of Shining Sunbeam hysterical https://ebird.org/species/shisun1
  5. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/346577681 I want to get rid of the dark band which is the sound of the camera rolling, or do I just need to use my dads fancy pinpoint microphone thingy
  6. Does anyone now some good programs that you can use to remove a constant low rumbling noise? (like wind or cars driving far away) edit another question, how do you remove a section of video without trimming the end off
  7. HHTHGSDVCZTYJRKJLIVT new york time just let me read the article please
  8. Ah yes "soon" Day 2 : After yet another unsuccessful sea-watch from the motel patio, my family and I left to the Mendocino coast. However my moms ipad had mysteriously vanished over the night, and we had to look for it. The ipad turned out to be part of some sort of ipad stealing operation, as the window near the electronic charging station had no screen, and could open freely from outside. The police ended up being contacted, while my dad stuck a flashlight between the window and the wall to prevented from opening. After that was taken care of, we headed off to Bowling Ball Beach. At the beach we were greeted by a pair of Osprey and a large flock of Gulls (with some terns tagging along). In the tidepools were Sculpins and Hermit Crabs, and under piles of seaweed were thousands of beach hoppers. After spending 2 hours there exploring the tide pools, we headed up to Point Arena. At point arena we were greeted with 30 mph winds and a Botta's Pocket Gopher. Once we reached the lighthouse I started a sea-watch that was actually successful. The most common birds were Pelicans and Gulls, but I also found cooler birds such as Pacific Loon and Common Murre. After checking out the museum I hiked to this little gazebo west of the lighthouse, on the rocks below the cliff there were many Harbor Seals and a foraging Belted Kingfisher. After eating lunch we headed south to the Stornetta Public Lands. There we saw Pigeon Guillemots nesting on the Sea Lion Rocks and a large group of Harbor Seals chilling on the beach below. Above on the bluff top, colorful Brodiaea terrestris were growing, eye candy indeed. After dinner at the motel, I went to the deck to finally get some pictures of stupid purple martins ? ...which I saw none of, just about 100 cliff swallows doing swallow things above the city.
  9. The bill doesn't seem very alcid like to me but I'm not sure what else would have this wing pattern seen in Mendocino co Edit from what I can see on my other photos the white is only on one side
  10. "Florida man breaks the migratory bird treaty for murica"
  11. Look at these amazing photos of Pacific Loon and Common Murre
  12. Day 1 : After a night of being disappointed I couldn't go set up my blacklight, I woke up to the sound of seagulls screaming at the top of their lungs. At the back of the motel I was staying at, there was an outdoor deck and an access to the Gaulala Bluff Trail. Along the trail I came across many swallows of different species, the most abundant being NRWS. After a unsuccessful seawatch, We then drove south to Sea Ranch where we explored the tide pools at Tide-pool Beach, and I explored a 3.3 acre property while my parents talked with a real estate agent about buying said property. At tide pool beach I found the expected such as black oystercatcher, lifers such as osprey, and the unexpected such as the highlight or the day, a breeding plumaged Red-necked Grebe. At the 3 acre lot I found bluebirds collecting food, swallows collecting food, and a deer carcass being food, all while Steller's jays and Cicadas tormented me with noise. After spying on my parents conversation for two hours, my family and the agent drove up to another lot, this time in anchor bay in the north. This lot was noticeably alot less birdy, with the only birds being a singing Bewicks Wren and Anna's Hummingbird. After heading back to Gaulala to eat lunch, we went off to Gaulala Point. However one thing about California beaches in the afternoon is that they get horribly windy. So we hike through the park, admiring the flowers and the sheep lawn movers and wind trough a dense patch of lupine and pop out... into the beach. Where we get promptly get sandblasted by delightful 45 kph winds. After noping out of the beach to prevent involuntary dermabrasion we headed to the river which was not much better in terms of wind and birds. After heading back to the motel to waste the next hour and a half contemplating how I took 500 photos in one day, we got hungry and headed out to go get Pizza, at the Pizza place we found No.2 bird of the day, a Peregrine Falcon, most likely looking for some tasty bird pizza or like us, on a trip up north. Day 2 coming soon
  13. @Connor Cochrane You're the subspecies guy, seen in sea ranch
  14. Empids are generally rare in my neighborhood (only migrants) but Pacific Slope is by far the most common. I can hope for rare child though
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