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  1. Yellow rumped is correct https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/71721751#_ga=2.178631012.1954181704.1602344191-1029774496.1575521015
  2. Hello I am trying to select a profile pic but it either says that the file is to big or that the url file:///C:/Users/Michael/Pictures/Birb%201/IMG_8208.JPG is not working
  3. Ah yes the small fast moving birds the bane of photography
  4. I have 2 cats, luckily they are rather old and there have only been 2 times when they ever killed anything. The first time was a scrawny wren and the second time was a mouse. I was a bit sad about the wren but can't bring back what's already gone.
  5. Not in my yard but I live near a lagoon and a pond
  6. Swamp Sparrow and Female/Young Rusty I think or Nonbreeding Male
  7. Grey back streaking on the sides I'd be more helpful for id if we could see the front of the bird
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