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  1. Over here in CA its all Black-Bellied, Black-Bellied, Black-Bellied, Black-Bellied, Pacific, Black-Bellied
  2. I agree orange crowned has a greyer head
  3. First one is a Dowitcher What looks like a short billed Based upon the size comparison with the sandpiper next to it
  4. Perhaps a White tipped Dove? never mind yes Juvi Eurasian Collared
  5. If by black winged kite you mean the White tailed kite no there are no records in Ontario. if Black wing kite you mean the Mississippi kite they can be found there but they are very rare
  6. With the limited photo I would say it's a Yellow-Rumped Warbler
  7. Kinda doubt it a slough doesn't seem like a good habitat for a crossbill
  8. Maybe a Huttons Vireo? Idk I was just looking at passerines in Multnomah county
  9. That would explain the greyness and song Thanks
  10. The only titmouse in my area is an oak titmouse and they don't sound like that
  11. As a relatively young birder I would say this would be more of a fun gimmick rather than actually being useful
  12. I changed it to a common yellowthroat song is that right?
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