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  1. I completely forgot royal tern is close
  2. @Connor Cochrane @DLecy I know you guys are farther south but do you know of any other spots worth creaking out? I know Sea Ranch and Gaulala Point are pretty good but I'm wondering about spots further inland (although most of the birds there are probably similar to thoughts along the coast
  3. I'll be staying at Gaulala next weekend and want to know what places would be good for birding, I already know about salt point but I want to know what else to look for. My main targets will be Allen's Hummingbird, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, Hutton's and Cassin's Vireos, Bullock's Oriole, Warblers, Tanagers, Grosbeaks, and everything else lol.
  4. Coyote, and I thought there was a stuff on appropriate signs but that may have been only for birds
  5. No dogs (I think there was a channel like this but can't find it)
  6. Not in my backyard but I found ✨ c hi l d ✨
  7. townsrnds does'nt sound right they shond more like pee pee pee tweeee yeet in that makes any no sense
  8. MVI_4189.wav Some kind of warbler and some kind of chaparral bird
  9. yes bay area, specifically in Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve
  10. a GLWG trying it's very best to be rare ?
  11. There's a house finch nest on top of a fire alarm at school and I can't decide weather the alarm or chicks will be louder
  12. Me who has cats who are as slow as the average tortoise and kill 1 living thing are year ( this usually means uprooting my poor plants)
  13. hmmmmm well ring billed is uncommon on the coast soooooo technically
  14. All taken in ocean beach SF Mew- rare California Thayer's- rare
  15. Why does this tree always drip liquid? I just want shade
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