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  1. This bird is found in the southwest and has a dark mask around the eyes
  2. I will be going to tahoe in spring break maybe we'll drive past the Mississippi bar again
  3. ok I'll give this one to @Seanbirds because I don't have a good photo
  4. 1. Long-tailed Duck. I don't care if it's impossible, there's one like a 5 minutes away from me and every time I see it it's like 100 meters away ? 2. Allen's Hummingbird. I've heard them but haven't seen them. 3. Snowy Plover. They're cute, what's all else to need? 4. Sanderling. I WILL FIND YOU YOU TINY ADORABLE WAVE CHASERS, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES!! 5. Wilson's Warbler. Need lemon drops
  5. 1 is Martin 2 Greater Yellowlegs 3 Plover 4 Yellowleg Sp
  6. This bird cute bird breeds in the tundra and travels down in the winter.
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