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  1. Caught this little guy on my feeder yesterday. Pretty sure this is a Pine Siskin, which I've never seen in San Antonio before now, and, as far as I can tell, isn't here very often.
  2. Thanks! It was a struggle as I was the only thing sitting still in the snow today.
  3. Got a snap of this little beauty in my backyard this morning in San Antonio. Not sure what it is, but thinking a pine warbler??
  4. No...unfortunately. It didn't stick around for more than a few seconds.
  5. Got this snap yesterday in my backyard in San Antonio. We have lots of Carolina Chickadees around here, but this one looks different. My guess is that it's a Black-capped Chickadee, although I don't believe they are typically this far south. Thoughts?
  6. I've seen these birds a few times in the past week. First time I've seen them. My best guess is that they are Nashville Warblers, although frankly, I'm not even sure they're the same type of bird. Pardon poor quality of the second image...it was at distance, and I had little time to get the shot before it was gone.
  7. Newbie here. Was out back shooting hummingbirds this morning when I noticed a large number of birds (hundreds in total) at very high altitude flying generally south. Never seen anything like it before, so snapped a pic hoping to identify them. I apologize for the very poor quality, but as I say, they were high (this is at 540mm). I'm including some crops that may help.
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