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  1. Thanks - the "age" factor made this a tough call for me. I appreciate the feedback and help!
  2. Attached are photos of sparrow sighted in Big Bend Nat'l Park (Chisos Basin area) on Sept. 10 at about 5,400 ft elevation. Striping on breast / belly narrows possibilities in this area - eBird says Savannah, Song (I did not see dark spot or "button" on chest), and Chipping (immature) but others exist or pass through park at various elevations. Appears yellowish tint on belly in some photos. Any ideas or conclusions on this? As always I appreciate the insights of the experts. Thank you!
  3. Thanks Liam - just got back from being off the grid - appreciate your response!
  4. Spotted Flycatcher - mid-afternoon in Ozona (Sutton County) park - photos attached. eBird lists options for Sutton County and surrounding area as Thrails, Alder, Willow, Olive-sided, Acadian and Least among others. Size of head seemed large. Yellow wash on belly. One photo appears to show bold eye ring as with Least but my initial thought was Acadian. Any suggestions, tips or identification would be appreciated. Thank You!
  5. Thanks - I meant to say I thought they were Red-shouldered. Pics are not all of same bird - was in wooded area and came out twice and spotted hawks overhead. Suspected they were something other than Red-shouldered so appreciate the analysis. Thank you!
  6. Initially thought this might be Red-tailed Hawk but striping on breast, length of tail, face, and wingtip feathers have me questioning if this is correct. There were three of these circling overhead yesterday at large park in Houston. I am wondering if these could be Broad-winged or maybe Cooper's. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Thanks to all - had not thought of Franklins but looking at info on line I now can see how this is a fit. Or perhaps a Franklins / Laughing hybrid. Franklins are listed as rare for June along upper Texas and West Louisiana coast. Thank you.
  8. I have these old photos on file from June 2020 - never have been able to confidently identify. Thought it might be first year or second year Laughing Gull but tail is all white. Also, wing patterns seem different from what would be expected on Laughing Gull. Any ideas on this? Thank you!
  9. Seanbirds - you asked if I was from Colorado Springs - no I am not - just visited there in July. If you go I thought the Kettle Lakes area near the Air Force Academy was a very good birding site.

    1. Seanbirds


      Thanks. Good to know.

  10. Thanks to all. To "Seanbirds" - I am not from Colorado Springs but visited there for a couple days in July. Went birding at Kettle Lakes which is near Air Force Academy - great birding spot in my opinion.
  11. Very few markings on this bird = wonder if it is immature possibly. Size of sparrow and in area where Vesper Sparrows were present - this bird appears to have white outline on tail feathers and some facial markings similar to Vespers - otherwise I can't see any markings that would identify this specimen, at least for an amateur like me. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Wouldn't a Least have a more prominent eye ring?
  13. Thank you all - I can see it now. Thank you for explanations and assistance on this. This is a first (lifer) for me so really appreciate your review and help!
  14. Photos attached of Flycatcher taken in NW Wyoming (Tetons) 7-15-21. Behaved like typical flycatcher or pewee perching on limbs, swooping to catch insects and landing back on branches. No major visible eye-ring, slightly notched tail, sloped head in a couple photos, whitish in neck areas when head turned. Initially thought it might be Willow but tail not straight and square. Possibly Hammond's or Dusky? Maybe age of bird affects eye ring, etc.? Any assistance or guidance would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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