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  1. Thanks to all. Thought it might be Marsh but wanted to be certain.
  2. I believe the bird in attached photos is the same specimen - observed in reeds and cattails at Anahuac Nat'l Wildlife Refuge (SE Texas) on 11-18-20. Tail was consistently upright and appeared short and uneven in most photos (Sedge?) but bold white eyebrow was evident in others (Marsh?). Bird was active and difficult to photograph so please excuse number of attachments. Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Thanks to all. I noticed narrow shoulders as typical with Coopers but wasn't sure so thought perhaps young Red-shouldered - and concluded I should check with the experts. I appreciate the help!
  4. Spotted on Bolivar Peninsula (Texas Gulf Coast near Galveston) on Nov. 18. Looks like a young hawk - is this Red-shouldered or something else? As always appreciate your expert advise. Thank you!
  5. Birding on Galveston Island Nov. 2 in wooded park. Spotted the bird in attached photos and initially thought I was seeing Blue-headed Vireo but as I examine photos it lacks white throat and the "spectacles" are not well defined, interrupted on the back side of the eye, etc. Concluding this is a Warbler, probably an Orange-crowned. Am I correct or in error? Thank you for assistance on this!
  6. Thank you to all - I should have looked at Teals more closely on this - did not expect them in such a small pond. Thanks again!
  7. Observed Nov. 3 in Galveston pond. Initially thought these were Gadwalls - then possibly ring necked (but no white stripe around bill). Finally thought I had better consult with the experts. What do you think? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. first bird i believe would be Wilson's Snipe.
  9. Looks like female Rose-breasted Grosbeak - am I correct on sex?
  10. Last three photos might be Northern Harrier. Wing shape - white spot on back above tail - shape/length of tail similar to those of Northern Harriers. My best guess.
  11. Okay - I am seeing it now. Thank you for the details and identification markers. Sorry about lack of decent photos. Thank you!
  12. Not much to go on with this one - spotted in Houston park on 10-21-20. Darkish sparrow in tall grass and brush - stayed close to ground - no singing. Popped up briefly and I was able to get two quick photos that don't show much other than tan and gray on face and brownish cap - and bold white or tan eye ring. Could this be a Vesper Sparrow? Thanks!
  13. Seems to have some similar features to Lincoln's. Makes me wonder if I misidentified the sparrows shown in my attached photos? Thanks!
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