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  1. Thank you! Vermilion Flycatchers don't breed in the area where I live so this is the first immature Vermilion Flycatcher that I have seen. Thank you for your response!
  2. I am unable to match the bird in photo with anything I have seen previously. I believe it may be an immature bird due to faint striping on breast and belly. It initially appeared to be a vireo to me (Bell's Vireo?) or something in the flycatcher family (immature Vermilion Flycatcher?). After looking online at many different species I have not been able to make a match - closest I have found would be an immature Vermilion Flycatcher (there was an adult male Vermilion in the area). Any help in giving me some tips or direction on this would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Thanks! I thought it was Yellow Warbler - must be running late on spring migration as most Yellow Warblers have moved north well beyond this part of Texas by now.
  4. Photos attached from Pedernales State Park in Central Texas (hour west of Austin). Appears to me to be female Yellow Warbler with bright yellow coloration, darker (yellowish gray/green) back and wing extremities, and dark black beady eyes. I went to enter on eBird checklist and it indicates the bird as unreported for this time of year. This I understand as Yellow Warblers are typically far north and breeding by now. Photo qualities poor but clear enough for me to call this a Yellow Warbler. Before I post I was hoping for confirmation or correction from the WhatBird experts. Thank you!
  5. Flycatcher spotted along upper Texas Gulf Coast - compares to Willow Flycatcher photos being posted at nearby sites in same time frame. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Darkish flycatcher - appears similar to Olive-sided but not sure. Initially thought it might be Eastern Wood-Pewee but lower mandible not orange and over all color seems too dark for Wood-Pewee. Large number of various flycatchers crossing Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula last week - any help in identifying this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Finch - House or Purple. My guess is House due to darker coloration as Purple's are more pink or raspberry tinted. I'm writing from Houston where we rarely see Purple Finches, and can't really discern exact color or lighting from photo, so wait for experts to weigh in on this one.
  8. Photos attached from city park in Houston, Texas - taken yesterday. Appears to me to be a female (or possibly immature male) Scarlet Tanager but not 100% sure. Color is brighter yellow than with Summer Tanager - and wings and tail are darker than with Summer. These would point to Scarlet from what I understand. If anyone could verify or explain I would sure appreciate it. Thank you!
  9. At first thought these might be Dunlins (based on drooping bill and size) but photos clearly show yellow-ish legs. Feeding in wetlands area (Anahuac NWR) with dowitchers and a couple lesser yellowlegs - smaller than those other species. Not sure if these are immature - and they may be migrating at this time of year. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Thanks to all. I don't have any better photos so think I'll post as female Sharpie and if I get contrary feedback from eBird will advise. Watching this bird in action, small size, agile quick turns, speed, in and out of tree branches, etc. had me thinking Sharpie. Photos are confusing - I really appreciate everyone's input. Thank you!
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