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  1. Bumping this once to see if there are any additional thoughts/opinions. Thanks.
  2. I heard what I thought was Red-eyed Vireo singing and decided to record it. To my surprise, the Merlin app said Philadelphia was singing. I must admit, I didn't even know what Philadelphia Vireo sounded like when I recorded this sample. I would normally dismiss this as a misidentification by Merlin, except that another well known local "birding-by-ear expert" reported Philadelphia Vireo at the exact same location about a half hour earlier. Philadelphia Vireo is apparently very rare in eastern PA in the spring. My question is, does anyone think Philadelphia Vireo is really singing in this recording, and what is the best way to distinguish it's song from Red-eyed Vireo? From yesterday, 5/14, in Lehigh County, PA. Thanks! 2022-05-14 06_29.wav
  3. Thanks again, everyone! There's one more egg in the nest and all 3 are hanging together. I'll try to get a pic of all 3 together and I'll post it here.
  4. Thank You, meghann! That's a great information, and I'm glad you found and posted the link. So interesting. I will re here as the season progresses and let you know how things turn out. And if the "family" stays together for round 2!
  5. We have a Peterson style Bluebird box, and every year that I can remember we've had a pair nest and raise 2 or 3 clutches. This year we have 3 Bluebirds (2 Females and 1 male) that are always here together. There's 4 eggs in the nest, and the eggs have been there for about a week. There is no hostility among the 3, even when they visit the deck for a few mealworm treats. We've fed mealworm treats in all previous years too. I would have thought the mated pair would have chased the other Female away, but that hasn't been the case. The group has been here together for at least 6 weeks. What do you think of this? Has anyone seen a family of 3 ADULTS together during breeding season before? What do you think will happen when the eggs hatch? Thanks!
  6. Great - thanks Chipperatl and IKLland!
  7. Are all of there Greater Yellowlegs? Today, 4/17 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks!
  8. Are these American Black Ducks? Today, 3/16 in Bucks county, PA. Thanks!
  9. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. This group is extremely helpful!! Having so little experience with Swans (except for the local "pet" Mute Swans), it would have been hard for me to make that call (Trumpeter) without your help.
  10. I thought maybe, but Trumpeter is very rare in PA? And never recorded at this location in eBird?
  11. Thanks IKLland. And @Charlie Spencer cool "reversal" - I would love that since Rusty is MUCH less common where I live. Thanks!
  12. Looking again, I agree with Common Grackle - Thanks!
  13. Wondering if this is Rusty Blackbird? Today, 2/25 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks!
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