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  1. Is this one Song or Savannah? Today, 10/23, Lehigh county, PA. Thanks.
  2. Thanks! And thanks for the ID tips too.
  3. Is there enough for an ID from this pic? Today, 10/8 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks.
  4. OK, sounds good. Thanks everyone for your input!
  5. Ooops, sorry, today 9/16 in Lehigh county, PA. I'll try to edit the text in original post. Thanks
  6. Statistically, this must be Ruby-throated. But it looks a little smaller with a short tail and some rust on the sides. Is it RT Hummingbird?
  7. Today, 6/4 in DeSoto county, Florida.
  8. Great thanks and thanks for the id tips
  9. What shorebird/sandpiper is this? 4/22 Pinellas county, FL. Thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone - I was having trouble with the more extensive barring on the sides/flanks (which I thought was better for Greater), and the relatively shorter bill, which seems better for Lesser?
  11. Today, 5/11, in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks.
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