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  1. Is this one Song or Savannah? Today, 10/23, Lehigh county, PA. Thanks.
  2. Thanks! And thanks for the ID tips too.
  3. Is there enough for an ID from this pic? Today, 10/8 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks.
  4. OK, sounds good. Thanks everyone for your input!
  5. Ooops, sorry, today 9/16 in Lehigh county, PA. I'll try to edit the text in original post. Thanks
  6. Statistically, this must be Ruby-throated. But it looks a little smaller with a short tail and some rust on the sides. Is it RT Hummingbird?
  7. Today, 6/4 in DeSoto county, Florida.
  8. Great thanks and thanks for the id tips
  9. What shorebird/sandpiper is this? 4/22 Pinellas county, FL. Thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone - I was having trouble with the more extensive barring on the sides/flanks (which I thought was better for Greater), and the relatively shorter bill, which seems better for Lesser?
  11. Today, 5/11, in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks.
  12. Today, 5/1 in Blue Ridge Mountains, Northern VA.
  13. Thanks - and thanks for the ID tip!
  14. Today (4/23) in Pinnellas Co, Fl. Thanks.
  15. Thanks everyone! I did run noise reduction and contrast on the pic. Here is the out of camera shot, cropped to approximately the same size. I will call this a Mute Swan for my records.
  16. Thanks! I'm getting some feedback from others that this one looks good for Mute Swan.
  17. Pic from May, 2020. Lehigh County, PA.
  18. Thanks all - I thought it might be a House Finch.
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