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  1. Thanks EVERYONE! This thread has so much interesting detail. Appreciate all the good comments! Hope everyone has found it informational too!
  2. Yes at chipperatl - I do have a few other shots, but I don't thing any are as definitive as the first two. How about this one, where the end of the tail is accidently cut off. If this was the only shot I had, would you call it Sharp-shinned, Cooper's or Accipiter species? Thanks.
  3. Thanks everyone! Just to be clear, is there any way you could get Cooper's from these photos? Rounded tail is never considered definitive, right?
  4. I think this one is a Sharp-shined Hawk, but some others are saying Cooper's. Photos taken near Allentown, PA in late December. Thanks.
  5. OK, great, thanks! And thanks for the ID tips. I guess I'll be looking forward to next fall for my next chance for Lincoln's!
  6. I first thought Song Sparrow, but then I "think" I see buffy wash and buffy eye ring and "smaller" bill. Then I thought Lincoln's Sparrow? This is an old pic, from Feb 27, 2015. Lehigh county, PA. Not sure they (Lincoln's) are common in PA in Feb though. Thanks!
  7. Is this one Song or Savannah? Today, 10/23, Lehigh county, PA. Thanks.
  8. Thanks! And thanks for the ID tips too.
  9. Is there enough for an ID from this pic? Today, 10/8 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks.
  10. OK, sounds good. Thanks everyone for your input!
  11. Ooops, sorry, today 9/16 in Lehigh county, PA. I'll try to edit the text in original post. Thanks
  12. Statistically, this must be Ruby-throated. But it looks a little smaller with a short tail and some rust on the sides. Is it RT Hummingbird?
  13. Great thanks and thanks for the id tips
  14. What shorebird/sandpiper is this? 4/22 Pinellas county, FL. Thanks.
  15. Thanks everyone - I was having trouble with the more extensive barring on the sides/flanks (which I thought was better for Greater), and the relatively shorter bill, which seems better for Lesser?
  16. Today, 5/11, in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks.
  17. Today, 5/1 in Blue Ridge Mountains, Northern VA.
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