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  1. Great, thanks for that tip - here is the file converted to .mp3. Hope that works better for those having problems. Still not sure what bird it is, but the "wren quality" of the song is interesting. Thanks! 2022-10-06 15_02 Yard add 15 db.mp3
  2. Sorry Avery, I don't know what to do about that. I saved and uploaded as a standard .WAV file. I think it worked for at least 2 others.
  3. Merlin couldn't come up with anything at all. Partial song in the beginning, then full song from about 7 to 9 sec. I think the bird singing was sparrow sized/shaped and from a distance I couldn't see any streaking on a pale underside. Flew off when truck past before I could grab the binocs. Any help appreciated! Today, 10/6 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks! 2022-10-06 15_02 Yard add 15 db.wav
  4. I can't see much face pattern or streaking on this one. All the twigs don't help either! Today, 10/6 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks!
  5. Totally not sure on this, bird is partially obscured, but I'm thinking Blackpoll Warbler - is that correct? Today, in a marshy area in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks!
  6. Ok, thanks - I didn't think the wing tips extended long enough for White-rumped.
  7. Thanks, Birds are cool, anyone else on these?
  8. Can these be confidently identified from the (pretty bad) pic? Today, 10/1 in a flooded field in Lehigh county, PA. I'm thinking 2 in back are Pectoral. Upfront (center) is Semipalmated and then Least on right. Thanks!
  9. Excellent - thanks to everyone for all the great input!
  10. Is this one Chipping Sparrow? Something looks a little off (it's a super large crop), but I don't know what else it could be. Today, 9/27, in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks!
  11. Did I get it? Today, 9/27 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! I am DETERMINED to get a pic of Lincoln's this year - maybe tomorrow! ?
  13. I think this is Song, but a little tiny piece of me won't let Lincoln's go. Which do you think it is? Yesterday, 9/25, in Luzerne county, PA. Thanks!
  14. Thanks - I think 2 Pectoral and a Semipalmated is the right call here.
  15. Can these birds be ID'd from the poor long-distance pics? Today, 9/25 in a flooded field in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks!
  16. Only got a few bad pics, but I think this is Philadelphia Vireo. Can anyone confirm? Today, 9/24, in Luzerne county, Pa. Thanks!
  17. Ok, good - thanks everyone for the help/tips!
  18. A week ago I had this down as Scarlet Tanager. I since received some feedback that it was possible Summer Tanager based on bill size and color. Any thoughts? 9/16 in Lehigh county, PA. Thanks!
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