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  1. 1. Bufflehead on top, on the bottom, I am sure it is a female. 2. Red Tailed Hawk, I have those at our house all of the time here. 3. Some sort of Hawk, but I dunno for sure since I only see the tail. 4. American wigeon, both are males.
  2. Yeah Maybe.. Lets wait for the experts to answer just in case
  3. 1. American Tree Sparrow 2. Song Sparrow 3. Lapland Longspur 4. Horned Lark 5. Lapland Longspur with some Horned Larks
  4. @Charlie Spencer we got a almost brand new very expensive camera from a friend of ours for Christmas and we got it for less then 300 dollars! It is a Canon EOS Rebel T5. My dad said they are worth a lot of money. I have a huge zoom lens so (unless I want to get bird pictures from more further away) I am getting good pictures. 🙂 Thanks for asking.
  5. It is a White - Breasted Nuthatch! You can do the next one 🙂
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