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  1. This includes all the rare birds as well (based of the Audubon Field Guide downloaded on my phone). This is just like @Connor Cochrane's post but I wanted to put it back up again because it sounds so fun! Here are the rules: 1. Everyone tries posts one good picture of a bird species in CA (if no one has a good picture of one species, then I guess it is fine to post a not so good one). It doesn't mean it has to be taken in CA, but it has to have it's range in CA. 2. After you post one, wait three more posts to post another one 3. Remember only one picture of one species per person 4. You can't do the same one anyone else did 5. Have Fun!
  2. When I was google street birding, these birds showed up. (Thinking they are geese) On google street view, in Tooele Utah when I scrolled to a random place. 🙂 Please help with ID because this one is stumping me. Thanks
  3. I guess I am not the oldest, lol 😆 😞
  4. That took a second for me to do the math lol 😆
  5. Well. I guess I was the oldest at four 🙂
  6. I LOVE playing wingspan! My family has the expansion and we love playing it. It is hard to understand at first though, since there is a lot of pieces!!
  7. Cool. Did you know that I had created that thread? 🙂
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