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  1. Wow, I like that picture! 🙂 great job!
  2. It doesn't matter, any season if you have a picture of it...
  3. Hi everyone, today I want you guys to show your videos of a certain bird... First, I will do a easy one... A house finch! 🙂 I will be choosing the best video so good luck!
  4. What bird seed is the best to attract newer birds to my feeder? Thanks so much! 🙂
  5. Ok, I want you guys to take a picture of a certain bird, at a certain area. When I pick the winner, I will say the next picture u guys will be taking pics. of... Lets start with a House Sparrow in a bird house! 🙂
  6. Ok... Lets do, a blue grosbeak next! 🙂 Good luck!
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