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  1. When I was google street birding, these birds showed up. (Thinking they are geese) On google street view, in Tooele Utah when I scrolled to a random place. 🙂 Please help with ID because this one is stumping me. Thanks
  2. I guess I am not the oldest, lol 😆 😞
  3. That took a second for me to do the math lol 😆
  4. Well. I guess I was the oldest at four 🙂
  5. I LOVE playing wingspan! My family has the expansion and we love playing it. It is hard to understand at first though, since there is a lot of pieces!!
  6. Cool. Did you know that I had created that thread? 🙂
  7. Yeah I know. If they don't have any, they could just choose which one they like the best. I love Yellow Warbler too!!! I just saw my first male yesterday 🙂
  8. I will have two birds for each question on the poll. Answer the one that you would save from extinction (if it had ever come to that). Most importantly, have fun!!!!
  9. Which is your favorite backyard bird out of these?
  10. Does anyone have a yellow color on a bird (even if there is a small patch of it) taken from yesterday or today?
  11. @The Bird Nuts, what is the limit? Thank you! 🙂
  12. Okay, so I am going to show you pictures of birds I have gotten pictures of every day (if I can, probably not on Sundays). It gives me a reason to do birding more often. 1. This mourning I have gotten a picture of one migrant I have never seen here (apart from yesterday, but that was a female) it is a Yellow Warbler! I got really happy when I had saw him and I was glad to take pictures of him. This was the only guy I got so far, and that was before I had breakfast so here he is. I will show you more later if I see any in the comments bellow.
  13. Okay, so this is like my previous challenge or Kevin's challenge where we say a bird species and you take pictures of it. For this challenge, you must not use previous pictures, apart from today's and yesterday's. I will pick a color, say Blue. And then take pictures of blue birds. I will pick my favorite picture and they will pick the next color. FIRST COLOR: Yellow! 🙂 Have fun!
  14. Hey guys! I'm back!!!! I have been having a lot of migrants recently. And looking at my Stoke's book these ones got me stumped. Thinking they are a female warbler of some sort. I just saw Wilson's Warblers recently, and those were males. Looking at the females, it doesn't look like one. Is it another new lifer? Apparently I know every bird but female warblers lol XD 1. Here is the pictures of it. 2. I think this is the same bird but just in case I put it as number two. This poor guy hit our window multiple times in a row. And when he finally was able to sit down he stood still for a while. He flew away after a while though thank goodness. Thanks for your help! 🙂
  15. Yes. Some differences are House Sparrow has a black throat, whereas a Golden Crowned does not. House Sparrows are more smaller then Golden Crowned Sparrows. Golden Crowned Sparrows typically don't ever go on feeders. But hop on the ground looking for stuff to eat, or seeds which have fallen on the ground there. House Sparrows love seed feeders as well. Golden Crown Sparrows have a Golden Crown, which they get there name from. There is actually a ton of species of sparrows out there.
  16. 1. Oak Titmouse. They are mostly all grey with a mohawk, it is still a nice picture. You even got a seed in it's mouth! 2. This is a sparrow. Probably House Sparrow Female. 3. Golden Crowned Sparrows
  17. Defiantly a California Towhee. Canyon Towhees aren't in CA.
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