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  1. Uh I actually don't know... Whoops ? I didn't think about that
  2. No... I really want pictures of these birds tho ? I cropped in good online photos so you guys could guess them. It would be way to obvious if they were mine, because I only see the same birds ? @Avery that is not the correct answer, if you want, you can go again.
  3. Yes @Avery you are correct! I will post another one soon ?
  4. I have fixed (only on the image I just done) it being titled the answer, so you guys can look at it now. (Or at least I think I fixed it ? )
  5. Here is a clue - Anyone can comment (even people who have already gone) You can post an new answer (for every person) every 7 minutes or so. So @Seanbirds, I guess you can go again.
  6. Oops, I shouldn't have actually titled the image lol. I won't do that again
  7. If another person gets it wrong, I will give you another small section of the bird to help you guys out ?
  8. @IKLland @God's Child @stitch58 @Johnd....... Since no one else is replying right now @Seanbirds and @Kevinmay have another guess ?
  9. @Avery @The Bird Nuts @Connor Cochrane @Quiscalus quiscula @Charlie Spencer do you guys have a clue on what it is?
  10. Try to guess one at a time please, after three other people had gone, you can guess again.
  11. I created a challenge like this before, but it was of tails, and since that had died off, I decided to make a new one, and change up the rules a little bit! RULES: I will give you a zoomed in picture of a bird, it can be of it's wing, tail, beak, or eye. I will give out hints to people who can't guess it. After someone gets it right, I will find another bird picture and so on (I will say who got it right) the only thing that is different is that no matter who wins, I post a new one, instead of the person who got it right... ? Have fun! (Also, try not to use your field guides or online search for right now unless I say you can if no one gets it right) Here is the first bird!
  12. This includes all the rare birds as well (based of the Audubon Field Guide downloaded on my phone). This is just like @Connor Cochrane's post but I wanted to put it back up again because it sounds so fun! Here are the rules: 1. Everyone tries posts one good picture of a bird species in CA (if no one has a good picture of one species, then I guess it is fine to post a not so good one). It doesn't mean it has to be taken in CA, but it has to have it's range in CA. 2. After you post one, wait three more posts to post another one 3. Remember only one picture of one species per person 4. You can't do the same one anyone else did 5. Have Fun!
  13. When I was google street birding, these birds showed up. (Thinking they are geese) On google street view, in Tooele Utah when I scrolled to a random place. ? Please help with ID because this one is stumping me. Thanks
  14. I guess I am not the oldest, lol ? ?
  15. That took a second for me to do the math lol ?
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