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  1. Thanks so much for your help. ? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Here is another group 6. Our dog is in the background 7. 8. I would love to know this bird also. If it can be ID'd. 9. 10. These blackbirds were attacking this poor seagull. Yet he didn't care. ? BONAS: After a year of birding, I have finally found my first Wrentit.
  2. Thanks so much for all of your guy's help. See my other Westport Trips (Part One and Two) as well. ? They may not have been ID'd yet. 1. 2. Here is another.... 3. Heres a pair 4. 5. 6. There is so many seagulls around! 7. Western? 8. 9.
  3. Thanks for your help. ? 1. My first Violet - Green Swallow! 2. Anna's Hummingbird? 3. I have a feeling this maybe a Purple Finch. 4. Starting up on the gulls again ? 5. Heres another one..... 6. This guy has no coloring on his bill! I mean by black or red on the beak. This has to be a new bird! 7. 8. I still have more pics. But here is the last one I will put on this topic. It looks like I will have to create a Westport Trip part 3! ?
  4. I suck so bad at gull IDs. Some on Merlin said they were Herring. That would be a first for me. Thanks for your help. Any ID I will be grateful for. 1. Three gulls were chilling near the water. What kind are they? Western and Glaucous Winged are common, but I have seen CA before. Tell me if any of the gulls are a different kind from the others, and please say which one in the picture. 2. I feel like I have never seen a beak like this before in a gull. 3. There is a shadow in this one, so I don't think you can see the certain part of the beak. 4. Heres another group of gulls. 5. 6. 7. A little blurry. Maybe not be able to do a ID? 8. All these seagulls were turning their heads. They maybe the same gull, but I noticed one of the one's backs is a light grey. Could that be a different gull? What are the other Gulls?
  5. Thanks for your help ?. I put a lot on each post so I don't create to many of them. 1. 2. 3. Okay, I pause from all the flycatchers for a moment. Bullock or Hooded Oriole female? Another ID I am bad at ? I have so much to learn yet.
  6. Thanks so much for your help. 1. I don't know the difference between Great Crested and Ash Throated Flycatchers yet. I want some ID's for some of them. For this first one, it was the first I have ever found. It was on our sprinkler. 2. Heres another one ? 3. I didn't realize I got good pictures of these guys until just now going through the pics. 4. Is this nesting material? Could this one be Ash Throated? 5. Heres a pair of them... 6. This one had a rufous tail. Or at least I think it is Rufous colored. I just realized they have curved bills. 7. Heres another one.
  7. Ok everyone! I decided to bring this back since I missed it so much! Next will be..... American Bittern!
  8. Connor is correct! Congrats! ? Ok @Connor Cochrane, do the next one
  9. Ok, Atlantic Puffin, Magnificent Frigatebird, or Common Murre?
  10. @Charlie Spencer the ones I ask I typically have no clue about what it is. But great point lol ?
  11. The one on the very bottom is a Female House Sparrow. The one above it is a Male House Finch, and the other one above it is a Female House Finch. Great Pics
  12. Really? I see a White Crowned. Interesting.... How do you know?
  13. @The Bird Nuts, the orange thing is the bill. If you look back a little bit you will see a white part, which is the head. There is a small black dot on it which has to be the eye. The rest is it's wings. My brother said he saw a Western Tanager yesterday.
  14. In the picture, there is a black stripe near the top of the head. Below that is a white stripe and another black stripe underneath it. And if you look up chipping and look at White Crowned, you would see that the Chipping Sparrow has brownish red on it's head. As White Crowned don't. This is actually an adult white crowned. @Colton V, the bills can look from orange, pink, to even yellow depending on the subspecies.
  15. For sure White Crowned Sparrow. Nice pic
  16. Actually, now I am heading a little towards puffin. The Orange thing in the middle of the 4th one is the beak of it. The beak only represents Puffins to me, as it is thick and orange. But no puffins have been found in my area according to Ebird. This one has me confused so much ?
  17. How about @Connor Cochrane, @The Bird Nuts, @Tony Leukering, or @Avery. Even @IKLland
  18. The beak is really tall, it is as tall as the face. And all three pictures I have I am pretty sure they were all white, even though I could check again.
  19. Out of question @Birding Boy, For picture on number 4, do Brown Headed Cowbirds have such big bills like that? And when did they have a white face with black? Thanks so much for your help. I am so happy to see a Cliff Swallow for the first time on accident. I might want to start looking through the pictures I think are Tree Swallows lol ?.
  20. Thanks so much for your help. ? I was making sure you guys can't ID these, even though I may be wrong I might as well ask ? 1. Maybe a Tree Swallow. Sorry for the bad lighting, it was near the mountains from this picture. We have lots of tree swallows here so this maybe one of them. Even though we have some new flycatchers that have came in as a mating pair recently. I can zoom in from my computer, so I can tell you what I see from there if you can't zoom in these pics. On the first pic when I zoom in I see a white underbelly and the rest is brown. Second picture, which this may just be the lighting, I see some whiteish wings, once again white underbelly and brown on the rest of the body. On the final picture I see some white spots on the wings but this could also be the lighting as the pic was taken right on the sun. I see a really small notched tail which looks almost reddish. Here are the pics. 2. The flycatcher? Looks to me like Ash Throated. On this picture when I zoom in I see a obvious yellow belly, which the flycatcher has. It has black wings with white dots on them. Its face for some reason seems black and white to me. This picture was taken where there are many trees and plants, which means a lot of bugs. This is suitable for a flycatcher. 3. Western Bluebird? Saw one near the area. Unless this is a Tree Swallow, I am heading towards Bluebird. It is around the middle of the pick just above it. Kind of looking like a light blue blur. 4. WHAT THE????!!!! Ok, I swear this has to be a Toucan! What is it doing in Lake County and in CA in general? I thought they were in South America!!! Unless this is a Puffin? 5. Ok, what's this? May be the same bird in last pic but it looks so different probably not. 6. A bird in flight. Vulture? Hawk? Falcon? 7. OMG I thought these were Tree Swallows! I can't believe it! What kind is it? I just tried to get them just in case and I found a new bird species!? Thanks so much for your guy's help. If I didn't do this, I wouldn't have known I have seen a Barn Swallow ? or it could be Cave?
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