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    Goose ID.JPG

    Hi. @bobolink2014. If you need a ID and you need people to reply to you faster. Please use the ID forum. Sorry it took about two years for me to reply but it is a Greater White Fronted Goose
  2. Acutally no. Sorry it is a Herring Gull.
  3. I think this is a California Gull. Nice picture! You even got the tongue in it.
  4. Looks like a Franklin's Gull
  5. Allens or Rufous Hummingbird. Nice pic
  6. @bobolink2014, this is a Warbling Vireo
  7. Mourning Dove. Nice pic @Chris Clem
  8. Another Clark's Grebe. How u can tell the difference is on Western Grebe the eye is on the black. On the Clark's Grebe it is on the white. Hopefully i have helped. @bobolink2014
  9. Another Mountain Chickadee. Wow! Even a bug is in it's mouth! Great pic ?
  10. Unless this is a Scizzor tailed Flycatcher. Which I am pretty sure it is. Or it is a kingbird. Either way great pic
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