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  1. Thanks, this is helpful! I have not experienced this before, but I'll take your word for it.
  2. Maybe 35" is a better estimate, especially since the Mallard is slightly farther away!
  3. My main turnoff from Cackling is the size. The forehead and bill size look borderline to me, so I wouldn't rule it out by those alone. But now that I'm measuring more carefully this bird looks to be right around 36", which puts it at least 6" larger than the largest Cacklings (Crossley ID guide lists up to 30", most resources even less). Thanks for the replies!
  4. Doesn't quite look sufficiently Cackling to call it Cackling to me, but I'm no goose expert. Western MA, today. Thanks on advance! TKbird
  5. True, the lack of streaking is a bit odd. Do you think foot color should show up with this backlighting? I'll post this over on BirdForum as well to get some more thoughts!
  6. An experienced local birder advises Blackpoll, and I'm inclined to agree, especially considering that Pine and Bay-breasted would both be quite late. The tail-flicking is interesting though.
  7. Ah, sorry, forgot Macaulay files show location haha. So not Eastern Phoebe. A bit high-pitched anyway.
  8. Second one looks like Eastern Phoebe to me, what's the location?
  9. That happens to me too. ? Also I like your profile picture! That owl is much cuter than mine.
  10. I'll be interested to hear what you conclude! Also, take a look at the "Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds of Western North America"... I have the Eastern version and it's very helpful! There is a sound index that (among other things) has an exhaustive list of what birds sound like each other!
  11. I had ruled out Bay-breasted for three reasons: yellow throat in the absence of yellow breast, it's several weeks later than the latest confirmed county record, and tail-wagging. Do those seem compelling to you guys?
  12. P.S. The best view of the bird is right at the end of the video, in case any of you didn't make it that far! ?
  13. Blackpoll does seem like another possibility. I would have expected more yellow and faint streaking on the upper chest, though, and that tail-wagging still has me puzzled!
  14. No worries! ? I am having second thoughts though... it sounds a bit too high and sharply rising, maybe?
  15. Swainson's call is not at all buzzy, this sounds good for a Swainson's to me. However, I'm not familiar with the birds of western Canada, so I can't say there's nothing else it could be!
  16. Thanks for the reply! That's kinda my best guess as well, but it's very late for Pines here (only three confirmed eBird reports in the county after 10/15, all time) and I'm also not aware of them tail-wagging. Hmm.
  17. I never seem to get good videos of the birds I have trouble with. Hmm... maybe I got the causal link backwards... Western MA, today. I feel like I should be able to make this ID, but oh well. Thanks in advance! TKbird Bird.mp4
  18. I think these are all Common Mergs, but I've never been a good judge so I thought I'd confirm! Western MA. Thanks in advance! TKbird Mergs.mp4
  19. The bird in question pops up right after the video starts. Maybe you were looking at the bird in the back? ?
  20. Again!? After my stranger bird last week (in the same spot!) this one seems clear-cut, but I could be wrong. Thanks in advance! TKbird Hybrid?.mp4
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