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  1. Well that was my guess too so I guess it's settled! ?
  2. Southern VT, 10/15/20. I have a guess but I'll let you all go first. ?
  3. Looks like it's a Linnet that may have something wrong with its eye. Thanks for pointing me to birdforum! TKbird
  4. Thanks, I'll do that! I figure it's got to be something else, since it looks like there's only one more northerly sighting than this on eBird (a crazy vagrant in southern Sweden in 1994!). That eye does look red though... I'll also take a look and see if I have any good unidentified photos from England for you in the next few days! TKbird
  5. Note: Based on range maps, Bempton Cliffs is solidly north of Dartfords' normal range.
  6. Observed near Bempton Cliffs in the summer of 2016, and I'm only now discovering how rare this would be. I have almost no experience with England's birds, so this is probably something else! Thanks in advance! TKbird
  7. Thanks for the insights, Benjamin. I've posted it on eBird as Mallard x Northern Pintail, so we'll see what the reviewer says!
  8. Thanks Kevin! I got that picture last year at Sachuest Pt., RI, and it's still the only one I've seen! I like yours too... we don't get many of those guys in MA. Another birder I know has suggested that the last duck may just have Pekin ancestry; he says a Pintail hybrid would probably look more delicate. Also neither he nor I can find any Mallard x Pintail photos that look close to this bird. What do you guys think?
  9. Also, might the second bird just be in the early stages of molt? Not to distract attention from the last bird, which is much more interesting!
  10. Thanks! Yes, I agree that it looks like a molting male. P.S. Pectoral Sandpiper is also my most recent lifer! ?
  11. Agreed that there is some Pintail-ness to it. But as Michael points out, there are other features that are not consistent with a Pintail. Perhaps a Mallard x Northern Pintail? Thanks!
  12. I saw three possible Mallard hybrids today in western MA. The first two (one picture each) look to me like maybe they have domestic Mallard ancestry. The third (remaining pictures) has got me pretty curious. Let me know what you think! NOTE: All three were definitely Mallard-sized. Thanks in advance! TKbird
  13. It's duck season here in NW Massachusetts, and that means lots of bad superzoomed pictures of Mallards that I question. Here are a couple for inspection. These were both taken on 10/4. (Note: Interested in the bird on the right in the second picture.) Thanks in advance! TKbird
  14. Hello there! I just discovered this forum... you'll be seeing more of me. Northwest MA, 10/9/20. I've given up on trying to convince myself of what this bird is. The fact is, I don't have a ton of water bird experience. I've had Buffleheads at this spot in years past (though it's pretty early for them right now). There were also Hooded Mergs present earlier in the day; that doesn't seem crazy to me. Those are my best guesses, I'll leave it to the experts! Thanks in advance! TKbird bird.mp4
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