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  1. Not my photo, but doesn't this look better for a Pectoral than a Baird's given the strong and clean breast streaking, bill shape, and front-heavy appearance? ML483013531 Baird's Sandpiper Macaulay Library
  2. In the mountains near the Continental Divide. Traill's seems like the only other possibility, but bill is too long and thin for Alder (not to mention it would be exceptionally rare west of the divide), and the wings look much too long for Willow, and it seems to green.
  3. Hi all, This isn't my pic, but I thought it looked like an Acadian rather than a Willow. Thoughts? From Colorado a few days ago. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Photographed this bird today in Vermont. I'm considering the possibility that it is a Zone-tailed Hawk or some Eurasian vagrant. Dark brown/black throughout so either a Zone-tailed or a dark morph of something. Roughly RTHA-sized. The longish, wedge-shaped tail, very broad wings, proportionately small head, and slight dihedral make for an odd combination of features that should eliminate all the common raptor possibilities here. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the input, and I apologize for not clarifying earlier that I think the pale strip on the tail suggests female Green-winged Teal rather than Blue-winged Teal.
  6. Hi all, This is not my pic but I found a report of a Blue-winged Teal from winter in Wyoming (very unusual) which had been accepted. However, the speculum pattern and pale mark near the tail should eliminate Blue-winged Teal. Any thoughts? Thanks! ML150280721 Blue-winged Teal Macaulay Library
  7. Hi all, I heard this bird in Wyoming a week ago. It was giving a high, clear, descending, two-part tweedle or twee-do that was somewhat reminiscent of Snow Bunting or Lapland Longspur. It calls once during the recording. Can't quite pin it down. Habitat was a large lake with expansive mudflats surrounded by pine forest and prairie. Any suggestions are appreciated! 20211130-120155-0002.mp3
  8. Thank you! Looking more closely at the photos, it appears that the rightmost bird in the first photo has yellow lores. Does anyone else see this as well?
  9. Seen in Wyoming a week ago. I initially thought they were Trumpeter but now not sure. Thanks!
  10. This photograph was taken earlier this summer in Alaska. Is it a Pomarine or Parastic? Thank you!
  11. I photographed these two first summer gulls near Nome recently and thought they might be Slaty-backed. Thoughts? Thanks! Note: the first three photos pertain to a different bird than the last two photos.
  12. Hi everyone, I photographed and audio recorded this bird recently in Wyoming. It was making a clear "peeee" call that lacked the burry quality I usually associate with Western. Also, its wing bars look equally bright but I'm not sure how reliable of a feature that is. Thanks! 20210611-141209.mp3
  13. I heard these flying over the other night in WY. I thought they were large shorebirds, maybe Willets or Long-billed Curlews? Thanks! 20210515-221657.mp3
  14. Hi everyone, I photographed these dowitchers recently in Colorado and was wondering if there was a Short-billed in the mix (I thought I heard a Short-billed call). A few looked smaller, slimmer, and paler with a shorter bill, but I'm not sure if these photos are enough to confirm. Thanks regardless!
  15. Are you saying that you think the first bird is a Herring as well?
  16. These photos were taken this winter near Denver, CO. Sorry again for the horrendous photo quality! First bird I think is a Glaucous-winged. Primaries were pale gray, same color as mantle. I'm pretty sure the third photo is the same bird as the first two. The second bird might be a Glaucous-winged or Iceland. Primaries chocolate brown, same color as body (not visible in these photos). Pale brown overall with whitish head. Same size as Herring but appeared heftier. Thanks!
  17. I apologize in advance for the horrendous photo quality. These photos were taken this winter near Denver, CO. I'm thinking the first bird could be a Glaucous-winged. Photos aren't great but it was pale chocolate-brown overall and the primaries were the same color as the body. It was large and hefty with a hefty bill. Second bird I think is a young Herring but looked slightly off. Thanks!
  18. I saw this in Wyoming this past week and it struck me as being odd in the field. I initially thought Song but some aspects of it seem more Savannah-like. Thanks!
  19. I saw these Long-billed yesterday in Wyoming and thought I heard the "tu-tu-tu" of a Short-billed among them. The juveniles don't have tiger-striped tertials, but maybe one of the adults is a Short-billed? Thank you!
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